Transmission race parts for 105 Series Alfa Romeo

Alfaholics Magnesium GTA Bellhousing

Alfaholics Magnesium GTA Bellhousing

£995.00 GBP (ex vat)


An identical copy of an original GTA magnesium bellhousing with all the correct casting marks.

“Alfaholics” logo cast into each bellhousing to distinguish it from an original.

Alfaholics Autodelta GTA Magnesium Gearbox Tailcase

Alfaholics Autodelta GTA Magnesium Gearbox Tailcase

£1,395.00 GBP (ex vat)


A identical copy of the original Autodelta GTA magnesium gearbox tailcase from our Jochen Rindt car.

All the original casting marks, including the upside-down 105.32 part number, have been incorporated along with “Alfaholics” to distinguish it from an original GTA item.

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Differential Casing (Aluminium)

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Differential Casing (Aluminium)

£1,450.00 GBP (ex vat)


A perfect copy of an original Autodelta GTA sliding block axle casing. All the original casting details have been observed and incorporated into the new castings alongside the Alfaholics logo allowing easy identification between our part and originals.

Cast using motorsport grade aluminium.

New pinion bearing housing sleeves precision machined from billet steel along with all new fixing studs for side tubes, sump and handbrake mechanism.

This is the small housing size for use with small Crown Wheel & pinion & bearings, not GTV sized parts.

If required, GTV halfshafts can be utilised by using our Alfaholics racing differential, GT Junior housing with GTV side gears.

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Differential Case - Magnesium

Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Differential Case – Magnesium

£1,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


Cast using motorsport grade magnesium designed for use in stressed suspension applications.

GTA-R Titanium Axle Tube Set

GTA-R Titanium Axle Tube Set

£9,995.00 GBP (ex vat)


CNC machined billet titanium axle tube set for all 105/115 series cars!

Massive reduction in unsprung weight to improve traction, ride quality, and handling response. 6.5kg weight saving. Traditionally, the most significant drawback of live axle cars is having a lot of unsprung weight and having the rear tyres stuck at zero camber and toe.

With this knowledge in hand, we have designed these tubes not only to save a huge amount of weight, but also to optimise the geometry with built in camber & toe which improves the grip of the rear tyres by optimising the tyre contact patch. Furthermore, we have designed in additional scalloping to the end flanges to further reduce weight, stiffened rear suspension location pickup, adjusted the wall thickness of the tube to increase rigidity for high load/high performance use and built in a motorsport spec breather for improved breathing in continued high speed usage.

Supplied as a pair of tubes with diff case bearing cup insert. It is also possible to supply a fully built axle as seen in these photos which can include our magnesium centre housing, rifle drilled halfshafts, titanium wheel stud/nut kit, lightweight aluminium rear brake backplates and Superleggera rear brake kit.

Axle Centre Bump Stop

Axle Centre Bump Stop

£19.95 GBP (ex vat)


Polyurethane axel centre bump stop.

Alfaholics GTA/TZ Close Ratio Gear Kit - REM Superfinished

Alfaholics GTA/TZ Close Ratio Gear Kit – REM Superfinished

£3,750.00 GBP (ex vat)


Close ratio GTA/TZ gear kit with original Autodelta ratios made for Alfaholics in the UK by the leading competition gearbox manufacturer. Gears are lightened as in the original GTA gearbox (drilled or scoop cut) and the layshaft is rifle drilled, in addition to the weight saving, this allows quicker gearshifts and reduced synchro wear as there’s less rotating inertia. We have also integrated needle roller bearings to all mainshaft gears to reduce friction over the original bronze bush gear design.
This gearset is a must for high powered cars as the (very low ratio) standard first gear becomes essentially unusable as it’s designed for engines around 100 bhp. As a result we fit this gear set to all Alfaholics GTA-R builds as the extra torque allows a much higher 1st gear to be used without compromising performance. With a longer first gear, 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear can be stacked closer together to ensure the engine revs drop back onto peak torque when changing gear, resulting in much improved acceleration through the gears.
All components are put through a final REM Superfinish process. This process polishes the surfaces of the components at a particle level resulting in a super smooth chrome appearance finish. This finish results in the oil getting worked less hard inside the box resulting in reduced frictional losses – the result of this is a nett gain of BHP at the rear wheels. We have been using the same set of gears in our works full race 1600 GTA for 12 seasons and in our works GTA-R 003 for over 60,000 miles, proving ultimate reliability along with the improved performance.

GTA-R 0.82 5th Gear Set – GTA (Close Ratio Gear Kit)

GTA-R 0.82 5th Gear Set – GTA (Close Ratio Gear Kit)

£1,095.00 GBP (ex vat)


Alternative option 5th gear set with a longer gearing than the standard GTA 0.86 ratio.

Ideal for fitment with higher power fast road cars using our close ratio gear kit or for optimising 5th gear rpm for FIA racing GTAs, especially useful for optimising gearing for the Masters Historic Racing 8,200rpm regulated rev limit.

Alfaholics Premium Gearbox Rebuild Kit

Alfaholics Premium Gearbox Rebuild Kit

£1,335.00 – £1,495.00 GBP (ex vat)


Full set of components required to rebuild all moly-synchro type 105 series gearboxes.

Please specify if you need a layshaft front bearing of 20mm or 25mm internal diameter.

These synchros are not compatible with the S1 of mechanical gearboxes (1963-1966) which featured non-moly synchros.

Alfaholics Quickshift Kit

Alfaholics Quickshift Kit

£725.00 GBP (ex vat)


We have designed and developed this quickshift gear change kit to speed up the actuation ratio of the gear lever and thus improve gearshift times.

Rather than manufacture an unsightly remote style gear lever which makes cars look heavily modified, we have CNC machined from billet a new set of gear linkage operating components to fit your gearbox so that the shifter rods themselves are moved at an increased rate for a given movement of the factory style gear lever.

Allowing your interior to keep its original appearance and the classic renowned Alfa gear lever is retained. We have designed the gear lever stub with a specific 2 degree offset for the gear lever angle to position it slightly towards the driver, the part is reversible so that in 1 orientation it is aligned for LHD and when spun around 180 degrees it aligns for RHD cars.

This new system is far superior to the elongated adjustable angle that Alfa used, as that allowed the gear lever to work loose and rotate on its own under heavy use making the car un-drivable.

We have uprated the pinch bolt too M8 sizing to ensure a firm and positive tightening.

Also included in the kit is a lightweight CNC machined aluminium gear lever with an extended length and modified angle to use in track and competition cars where often the seating position is moved rearward and with an extended steering column for optimised seating position.

This gear lever repositions the gear knob near the steering wheel for improved driving ergonomics.

The gear lever is also designed to Autodelta GTA specification with a solid un-bushed base to remove lost motion and further improve shift times.

Whilst this longer solid gear lever significantly improves the ergonomics and operation for competition cars, it can cause a slight buzzing noise at motorway cruising speeds on the road so for road cars with a more standard seating position, we recommend staying with the standard factory gear lever.

This kit needs to be installed by a competent professional who understands the workings of an Alfa gearbox but can be done in situ in the car without removing the gearbox from the car.

Competition Gearbox Rebuild Service

Competition Gearbox Rebuild Service


Alfaholics offer a race gearbox build service to up-rate your gearbox for performance & competition use to bring it to the same specification as used in our GTA-R builds and our works GTA Corsa race car.

This race gearbox build utilises our gearbox rebuild kit and close ratio gear kit as standard and can further incorporate our billet selector forks & rods and any further components as required. Early type gearboxes can be converted into the superior specification synchro system during the rebuild by using our ‘Alfaholics Early to Late Gearbox Synchromesh Conversion Kit’.

Alfaholics Competition Synchromesh Ring

Alfaholics Competition Synchromesh Ring

£120.00 GBP (ex vat)


These synchro rings have been used in multiple championship winning cars including our U2TC FIA 1600 GTA.

Designed to give a faster and smoother gear change than was possible with genuine OEM Alfa rings to make a product more suitable for competition use. OEM synchro rings took time to bed in and get a fast and smooth gear change; typically period of time in which 300-500 miles would be covered.

Of course for competition use, 300-500 miles bedding in period is not ideal and the last thing you want is a slow gear change in qualifying on a freshly installed gearbox. Realistically a typical race gearbox will only see 500-1000 miles between scheduled maintenance rebuilds or a competition rally car 2000-5000 miles.

The design of our synchro ring will ensure perfect gear changes from the very first gear change leaving the pit lane and regular servicing our our works cars over the past 8 years have proven a life span well exceeding those typical service intervals.

Premium Synchro Ring - OEM

Premium Synchro Ring – OEM

£90.00 GBP (ex vat)


OEM moly-coated synchro ring for use on restoration and road cars.

For competition use, we recommend our competition synchro ring for a faster action gear change.

Alfaholics Synchromesh Sleeve

Alfaholics Synchromesh Sleeve

£140.00 GBP (ex vat)


Synchro sleeves developed to match our synchro rings.

By cutting up one of our new ‘old stock’ original Alfa synchro sleeves and scanning the tooth profile, we were able to produce a CAD drawing to perfectly replicate the original production. With this data on file we were able to manufacture these hardened sleeves.

Fit these with our synchro rings for a full perfect matching original specification synchro system.

GTA-R Steel Selector Fork Set

GTA-R Steel Selector Fork Set

£975.00 GBP (ex vat)


Worn/damaged selector forks are becoming a bigger and bigger issue with Alfa gearboxes as they get older and increased performance & race use is highlighting the inherent design weaknesses of the standard parts. We have redesigned and manufactured these race quality forks by combining our considerable experience of high performance & motorsport use along with general modern motorsport knowledge to produce the ultimate selector fork set of 105/115 series gearboxes. We have added an additional pressure pad to control the synchro sleeve angle more accurately and to increase the total pad area and thus reduce pad wear rate, the net result is a sweeter and faster shift action. These forks are made of motorsport grade steel, so are also more resilient to abuse from over selecting than the factory bronze parts. As developed for and being used in our latest GTA-R builds.

Alfaholics Race Selector Rod Kit

Alfaholics Race Selector Rod Kit

£995.00 GBP (ex vat)


We are increasingly finding bent selector rods more and more when we are rebuilding gearboxes.

Resulting in sticky gear change but also causes the selector fork / synchro sleeve not running straight to the gear assembly which can cause premature wear, damage and more gearshift quality.

They have proven very tricky to try to straighten and since the huge success of our manufacturing of billet 3rd / 4th gear selector rods we have now evolved this into a full set of 3 rods manufactured from motorsport grade materials and machined to motorsport quality tolerance.

We have also improved the design of these to be tougher and stronger, 3rd / 4th rod is an inherently weak part in the gearbox, the narrow width required as part of the gearbox design means that the clevis where the gear linkage drops into can easily get bent from ‘over-selecting’ gears.

This risks a shift not fully selecting a gear and resultant massive gearbox damage.

We have re-designed the part with greater radiuses and increased material thickness at the weak points to make the part more resilient to this ‘over-selection’ based driver damage.

Alfaholics Synchro Brake Strap 1st Gear

Alfaholics Synchro Brake Strap 1st Gear

£25.00 GBP (ex vat)


Internal synchro strap for 1st gear, 1 required. We have made these to replace the often damaged part found fitted inside the synchro assembly. Typically these just get reused each time the gearboxes get rebuilt, but they are now getting to an age where these are simply damaged and will not allow the synchro to operate as it should.

Alfaholics Synchro Brake Strap 2/3/4/5 Gear (Pair)

Alfaholics Synchro Brake Strap 2/3/4/5 Gear (Pair)

£55.00 GBP (ex vat)


Internal synchro strap for 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear, 2 required per gear. We have made these to replace the often damaged parts found fitted inside the synchro assemblies. Typically these just get reused each time the gearboxes get rebuilt, but they are now getting to an age where these are simply damaged and will not allow the synchro to operate as it should.

Gearbox Brake Sector - 1st Gear

Gearbox Brake Sector – 1st Gear

£29.95 GBP (ex vat)


Gearbox break sector  for 1st gear to suit all 105 gearboxes. 1 needed per box.

Gearbox Brake Sector

Gearbox Brake Sector

£29.95 GBP (ex vat)


Gearbox brake sector for 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th gears to suit all 105 gearboxes. 4 required per gearbox.

Gearbox Reference Sector

Gearbox Reference Sector

£29.95 GBP (ex vat)


Gearbox reference sector to suit all 105 gearboxes. 5 required per gearbox.

Alfaholics Early to Late Gearbox Synchromesh Conversion Kit

Alfaholics Early to Late Gearbox Synchromesh Conversion Kit

£1,585.00 GBP (ex vat)


Full kit of parts to convert an early (101 & early 105) non-molybdenum synchromesh “yellow label” gearbox to later improved molybdenum coated synchros as per late “red label” gearboxes.

A great upgrade when rebuilding any early gearbox with grooved synchos.

Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion

Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion

£7,495.00 GBP (ex vat)


Developed exclusively in conjunction with the UK’s leading motorsport transmission specialists, Quaife Engineering.

This kit is a direct fit to all 105 series Alfa Romeos and uses the original bellhousing and clutch set up. We have a developed a bespoke gear ratio set with a 2.4:1 first gear, running through to a 0.889:1 6th gear, with the result that there is no need to change the standard Alfa rear axle ratio. Other ratio sets are available by special order.

The kit is supplied as standard with a gear-lever for manual shifting. An optional ECU-controlled semi-automatic paddle shift system is available, as listed below.

Demonstration video of Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion – test car with optional upgrade to semi-automatic full throttle gearshift ECU system

Alfaholics Semi-Automatic Gearchange Kit

Alfaholics Semi-Automatic Gearchange Kit

£4,135.00 GBP (ex vat)


Designed for use with the Alfaholics 6-speed sequential gearbox. This kit allows full throttle clutchless upshifts and clutchless downshifts with throttle blipping to match engine revs to gear speed. The system incorporates the very latest ‘closed-loop’ software using an ECU in conjunction with feedback sensors to modify its own operation in response to the sensor inputs, all in real-time. It uses these sensors to monitor the gear position sensor to determine if and when a shift has been successfully completed. This information is fed back to the ECU so that the pneumatic actuator, engine torque reduction or throttle blip can be turned on and off as necessary to effect the fastest and most reliable gear shifts. As a result, every gear change is monitored and the cut duration is automatically adjusted every time so that each change is completed in the minimum amount of time with the minimum interruption of torque to the wheels. There is also no possibility of resuming full power to the engine before the next gear has been fully engaged, thus reducing dog wear to a minimum and avoiding potential damage to the gears.

The system communicates with the Alfaholics injection ECU, allowing the user to adjust both the extent and rate of ignition retard in order to match the inertia and torque of their particular engine installation.

The system is supplied complete with carbon-fibre paddles (press button alternative as per test car also available), ECU, loom, full pneumatic control system including compressed air tank, compressor unit, actuation valve block and actuator piston assembly to fit to the gearbox.

Demonstration video of Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion – test car with optional upgrade to semi-automatic full throttle gearshift ECU system

Alfaholics Limited Slip Differential

Alfaholics Limited Slip Differential

£1,250.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE6009/1 | RCE6009/3 | RCE6009/4

This differential represent a huge leap forward in design over our old Gripper units. The old Gripper units used a basic uncoated steel friction plate design and as a result, necessitated a very high preload setting in order to achieve the levels of friction required in a race differential.

The Alfaholics racing differential uses the same copper sintered friction plate design as developed by leading World Rally Car teams – M-Sport Ford and Prodrive Subaru. This high-friction coating allows the static preload pressure to be set lower, resulting in a more progressive differential lock-up that not only provides superior traction but also makes the differential far easier to drive on the limit; the tail of the car slides more slowly and provides greater driver feedback to control the slide. The copper sintered coating is more durable and eliminates the overheating issues associated with untreated plates under hard competition use. The diameter of the ramp cross pins has been increased in order to reduce internal wear and add significant strength to the diff.

We have carried out extensive testing in order to optimise the differential on both road and track, which has led us to develop two different ramp settings depending on your application. One setting is for race, extreme track day and higher BHP use whereas the other setting is optimised for road/rally application and for less powerful cars. Each differential is manufactured with both sets of ramps on each cup, so you can choose which setting you want, especially useful if your type of use changes! A simple internal swap turns a race differential into a road/rally specification differential and vice-versa.

The results of the differential development are stunning – both settings offer a dramatic transformation over the old Gripper unit. The race setting provides amazing traction under power (allowing the driver to apply the throttle much harder and earlier) whilst also providing improved adjustability of the car under hard braking and turn in. The road/rally setting provides improved progression under power and further stability under braking than our old road Gripper making the car easier to drive under road & rally conditions. With each setting, the car is more stable during turn in and holds its line much more accurately allowing the driver to place the car with greater precision. When the tail does slide, it is progressive and easy to balance!

The Alfaholics differential is also 7% lighter than the Gripper unit – a useful reduction in unsprung and rotational weight at the rear of the car.

This differential is available in both small non-LSD and larger 2000 ZF casing sizes, and with 3 different side gear designs to suit small non-LSD halfshafts, bigger 2000 limited slip differential halfshafts and 1300GTA/TZ coarse spline halfshafts. All these parts are interchangeable to allow you a complete choice of fitment options both now and in the future if your application changes.

As fitted to all Alfaholics GTA-R build and race cars.

Also available, complete bearing and seal set, if you’re fitting a new differential, fit new all bearings and seals too! Includes, differential bearings and seals, wheel bearings, shrink rings (for 2000) and halfshaft oil seals-

Full Rebuilt Kit for non-LSD type ‘Small’ Axle Full Rebuild Kit for LSD type ‘Large’ Axle
Full Rebuilt Kit - Non-Limited Slip Differential Type ‘Small’ Axle

Full Rebuilt Kit – Non-Limited Slip Differential Type ‘Small’ Axle

£305.00 GBP (ex vat)


Full kit of pinion and differential case bearings, pinion oil seal, differential sump gasket, rear wheel bearings and halfshaft oil seals.

To fit all non-limited slip differential axles (Sprint GT/GT Junior & 1750 – 25 spline halfshafts).

Late model cars have press on shrink rings rather than screw on shrink rings, please check on post 1973 cars and order shrink rings separately if required.

Full Rebuild Kit - Limited Slip Differential  Type ‘Large’ Axle

Full Rebuild Kit – Limited Slip Differential Type ‘Large’ Axle

£230.00 GBP (ex vat)


Full kit of pinion and differential case bearings.

  • Pinion oil seal
  • Differential sump gasket
  • Rear wheel bearings
  • Press on shrink rings
  • Halfshaft oil seals

To fit all larger type limited slip differential axles (2000 GTV, Spider and Berlina – 27 spine halfshafts)

Alfaholics Race Cross Drilled Transmission Fill & Drain Plug

Alfaholics Race Cross Drilled Transmission Fill & Drain Plug

£22.00 GBP (ex vat)


Lightweight stainless steel transmission fill and drain sump plug.

We have made the plug with a cross drilled head making it simple to lock wire.

GTA-R Differential Oil Sump

GTA-R Differential Oil Sump

£495.00 GBP (ex vat)

ALF-105-EDS | ALF-105-EDL

CNC machined billet aluminium increased capacity differential sump for 105/115 axle cases.

1300 / 1600 / 1750 version & 2000 / Montreal version with extra ‘tongue’ at the front.

High horsepower 105s start to suffer from excessively high differential oil temperatures under hard use, excessively high differential oil temperatures cause premature CWP wear.

The differential sump size & design was originally specced for the early 1300cc 101 Giuliettas, it was run through to the later 105 models unchanged and certainly never intended for the type of BHP or load that so many of us put through the cars today.

Excessive whine and backlash noise at the end of long hard drives that go away when the car has rested are classic signs of overly hot differential oil.

We have designed the differential sump to carry 23% additional oil capacity and redesigned it with a combination of both larger & additional lateral cooling fins (in a similar design to a GTA engine lower sump) to dramatically increase the surface area for airflow and therefore significantly increase cooling efficiency of the sump.

The fins are drilled ready for lock-wiring the sump plug, as fitted to all our latest GTA-R builds.

The differential is anodised to protect the aluminium.

Alfaholics Differential Pinion Preload Shims

Alfaholics Differential Pinion Preload Shims

£9.95 GBP (ex vat)


When assembling a differential you will need to set both the pinion height (please see Pinion Height Shims listing) and the pinion preload using shims. These pinion preload shims are manufactured from high grade carbon steel by an aircraft industry approved manufacturer. These shims are used by ourselves in all of our race and high performance road differential builds.

The shims are available for both 1600 and 2000 specification differentials and available in a range of thicknesses.

  • 1600 Differential Pinion Preload shims available in 0.05mm increments, from 1.20mm through to 2.80mm thick.
  • 2000 Differential Pinion Preload shims available in 0.05mm increments, from 2.05mm through to 2.60mm thick.
Differential Case BRG / Crown Wheel Mesh Shim

Differential Case BRG / Crown Wheel Mesh Shim

£9.95 GBP (ex vat)


Fit behind differential case bearings to adjust differential case bearing preload and to shim crown wheel across the pinion.

Available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 & 0.5mm.

Please specify the sizes in the notes section once you have requested a quote.

Differential Pinion Height Shim

Differential Pinion Height Shim

£9.95 GBP (ex vat)


Fits behind rear pinion bearing to move pinion closer/further from crownwheel. Available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 & 2mm. Please specify the sizes in the notes section once you have requested a quote.

Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets

Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets

£995.00 GBP (ex vat)


Exacting tolerances with improve the tooth cut profile for increased strength over the original cut used by Alfa.

Optimum performance can be achieved by fitting in conjunction with our Alfaholics Limited Slip Racing Differential.

• 5.3 & 5.8 ratios are for intended for circuit racing,
• 4.3 option is the optimum ratio for fast road and track day cars.

By using the small size axle, unsprung and rotational weight is kept to a minimum.

An additional benefit for those people with fast road & track day cars, is that you can use the existing axle from your GT Junior and simply fit this 4.3 ratio with LSD (Limited Slip Differential), rather than trying to find what are now very rare Berlina 4.3 rear axles.

We can also manufacture to order any desired ratio (in addition to those above) within 3 weeks.

105 LSD Slip Plates

105 LSD Slip Plates

£55.00 GBP (ex vat)


Increase the limited slip action on your Alfa ZF type limited slip by fitting these extra slip plates in LSD unit. Fitted in pairs, to replace a pair of standard spacer plates.

GTA-R Race Halfshaft  - Rifle Drilled

GTA-R Race Halfshaft – Rifle Drilled

£495.95 GBP (ex vat)

RCE9025 | RCE9025-1

Available in both 25 spline ‘GT Junior’ and 27 spline ‘GTV’ sizes.

These halfshafts feature a built in lock ring for the wheel bearing, making wheel bearing changes far simpler than ever possible with standard Alfa shafts.

The end flange is scalloped and the shaft is rifle drilled, reducing weight by 0.8kg per shaft – 1.6kg total reducing in unsprung and rotational weight per axle! Available in 25 spline ‘GT Junior’ and 27 spline ‘GTV’ sizes. Priced individually.

Alfaholics Competition Axle Units

Alfaholics Competition Axle Units


We offer full built axles for your track day or competition car. With our guidance you can chose the ratio of your choice and have it built up into an axle using our competition LSD unit (in either track day or race setting) with all brand new bearings, carefully shimmed and ready to fit into your car.


Alfaholics Rear Propshaft Section

Alfaholics Rear Propshaft Section

£450.00 GBP (ex vat)

GRB102/1 | GRB102/2 | GRB102/3

Most rear propshafts have had many Universal Joint changes in their life and as a result can often have damaged Universal Joint housings, this means that even with new Universal Joint vibrations can still occur due to end float in the Universal Joint housings which is beyond shimming out. The sliding joint is also another area for wear on an original unit that of course cannot ever be repaired. As a result of these 2 major factors we no longer use rebuilt rear propshafts in our workshop, fitting only our brand new unit for 100% perfect results at virtually no extra cost to the customer. We manufacture these units from race quality thin wall 2” tube, not only does this mean that the tube is stiffer which results in far smoother running at high speeds, but it is also much lighter than an original unit. We have also increased the size of the Universal Joints on each end which makes them much less prone to wear and much more able to handle the load from engines with increased performance. Each prop is dynamically balanced to 8,000rpm meaning that this item is perfect for use on both road and competition cars.

Alfaholics Full Length Race Propshaft Conversion

Alfaholics Full Length Race Propshaft Conversion

£850.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE6013/1 | RCE6013/2 | RCE6013/3

Ultra lightweight full length race specification propshaft – just 7.9kg total including the heavy duty centre support! M

anufactured exclusively for Alfaholics by Formula 1’s choice balancing company using race-grade ultra stiff 2″ diameter tube and fitted with 3 heavy duty race Universal Joint. The Universal Joints are also scalloped for additional weight saving. Once manufactured, the entire unit is balanced to 10,000RPM to ensure perfect balance at all speeds that it will experience in use.  All 105 series gearboxes run an overdrive 5th gear so the propshaft can spin somewhat faster than engine speed!  Those with experience of running fast road and race cars will be fully aware of all the problems associated with propshafts, particularly when trying to cure persistent vibrations. This led us to produce the ultimate solution.

Our propshaft remains smooth at critical higher speeds. This balance is retained by 2 main factors. Technology to balance the entire unit and quality tube which is true and stiff.

When we carried out our propshaft development, we experimented with “tube in tube” systems and discovered that they make absolutely no discernible difference to NVH.  The reason for this is very simple – in order to be stiff enough to transmit torque using such a small cross sectional contact area, they are in effect a solid propshaft.  We also quickly discovered that they have a significant inherent weakness – the two tubes can slip against each other under high torque loads such as standing starts, immediately resulting in a huge imbalance.

Note that you will need to machine your 3-eared Alfa gearbox output spider in a lathe to be a snug fit to our aluminium adaptor. If you do not have this facility, please send us your gearbox drive spider for modification when you order the kit from us.

Alfaholics Lightweight Propshaft Protection Plate

Alfaholics Lightweight Propshaft Protection Plate

£35.00 GBP (ex vat)


Lightweight prop protection plate finished in black powder coating.

As fitted to our GTA-R builds.

Propshaft Centre Support - Heavy Duty

Propshaft Centre Support – Heavy Duty

£50.00 GBP (ex vat)


Heavy duty version of late support, ideal for track day and race cars.

Premium Rear Wheel Bearing

Premium Rear Wheel Bearing

£39.95 GBP (ex vat)


Much tigher tolerances for reduced ‘pad knock back’.