Alfaholics Quickshift (Kit)

£725.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

We have designed and developed this quickshift gear change kit to speed up the actuation ratio of the gear lever and thus improve gearshift times.

Rather than manufacture an unsightly remote style gear lever which makes cars look heavily modified, we have CNC machined from billet a new set of gear linkage operating components to fit your gearbox so that the shifter rods themselves are moved at an increased rate for a given movement of the factory style gear lever.

Allowing your interior to keep its original appearance and the classic renowned Alfa gear lever is retained. We have designed the gear lever stub with a specific 2 degree offset for the gear lever angle to position it slightly towards the driver, the part is reversible so that in 1 orientation it is aligned for LHD and when spun around 180 degrees it aligns for RHD cars.

This new system is far superior to the elongated adjustable angle that Alfa used, as that allowed the gear lever to work loose and rotate on its own under heavy use making the car un-drivable.

We have uprated the pinch bolt too M8 sizing to ensure a firm and positive tightening.

Also included in the kit is a lightweight CNC machined aluminium gear lever with an extended length and modified angle to use in track and competition cars where often the seating position is moved rearward and with an extended steering column for optimised seating position.

This gear lever repositions the gear knob near the steering wheel for improved driving ergonomics.

The gear lever is also designed to Autodelta GTA specification with a solid un-bushed base to remove lost motion and further improve shift times.

Whilst this longer solid gear lever significantly improves the ergonomics and operation for competition cars, it can cause a slight buzzing noise at motorway cruising speeds on the road so for road cars with a more standard seating position, we recommend staying with the standard factory gear lever.

This kit needs to be installed by a competent professional who understands the workings of an Alfa gearbox but can be done in situ in the car without removing the gearbox from the car.

Technical Details

MaterialAluminium (gear lever)