Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion

£7,495.00 GBP (ex vat)


Developed exclusively in conjunction with the UK’s leading motorsport transmission specialists, Quaife Engineering.

This kit is a direct fit to all 105 series Alfa Romeos and uses the original bellhousing and clutch set up. We have a developed a bespoke gear ratio set with a 2.4:1 first gear, running through to a 0.889:1 6th gear, with the result that there is no need to change the standard Alfa rear axle ratio. Other ratio sets are available by special order.

The kit is supplied as standard with a gear-lever for manual shifting. An optional ECU-controlled semi-automatic paddle shift system is available, as listed below.

Demonstration video of Alfaholics 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Conversion – test car with optional upgrade to semi-automatic full throttle gearshift ECU system

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