Alfaholics Premium Quality Gearbox Rebuild Kit

£1,335.00 – £1,450.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Full set of components required to rebuild all moly-synchro type 105 series gearboxes. The kit comprises our ultimate quality Alfaholics synchro rings & Alfaholics sleeves as well as our best quality gearbox bearings, oil seal and heavy duty rear mount. Please specify if you need a layshaft front bearing of 20mm or 25mm internal diameter. Please note that the synchros are not compatible with the first series of mechanical gearboxes (1963-1966) which featured non-moly synchros.

  • cat_race_parts_105: 105/115
  • cat_race_parts_750: 750/101
  • cat_std_parts_105_all: All 105/115 Series
  • filter_book_mechanical_gearbox_internal: Gearbox Internal
  • filter_book_mechanical_main: Mechanical
  • cat_race_parts: Race Parts
  • cat_standard_parts: Standard Parts
  • cat_transmission: Transmission
  • filter_transmission_gearbox: Transmission Gearbox
  • filter_transmission_gearbox_bearings: Transmission Gearbox Bearings
  • filter_transmission_synchromesh: Transmission Synchromesh