Alfaholics Premium Gearbox Rebuild Kit

£1,470.00 GBP (ex vat)

TRA5013 | TRA5014

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Product Information

Full set of components required to rebuild all moly-synchro type 105 / 115 series gearboxes.

This kit is compatible with:

• Early – Cable clutch cars
• Late – Hydraulic clutch cars
When ordering the late hydraulic version, check the internal diameter of the front layshaft bearing these changed from 25mm to 20mm for cars with the 2000 engine and some post 1972 models. We advise you to check this diameter in case the gearbox changed. Some cars will no longer be running their original gearbox.
Not suitable for early cable clutch gearboxes which use non-molybdenum synchromesh rings. These gearboxes are identified with a yellow oil sticker. A conversion package is needed if you are rebuilding this type of gearbox.
If your cable type gearbox has the red oil sticker you can use this kit.
If you have no sticker, then check your synchro rings, the moly type have a rough finish, the non-moly type have a smooth finish with distinct grooves.

What’s Included

  • Alfaholics or OEM synchro rings & Alfaholics sleeves
  • Gearbox bearings
  • Oil seals
  • Heavy duty rear mount
  • Needle rollers
  • Detent springs

Technical Details

ModelsMoly-synchro type 105 / 115