GTA-R Titanium Axle Tube Set

£11,495.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Product Information

CNC machined billet titanium axle tube set for all 105/115 series cars!

Massive reduction in unsprung weight to improve traction, ride quality, and handling response. 6.5kg weight saving. Traditionally, the most significant drawback of live axle cars is having a lot of unsprung weight and having the rear tyres stuck at zero camber and toe.

With this knowledge in hand, we have designed these tubes not only to save a huge amount of weight, but also to optimise the geometry with built in camber & toe which improves the grip of the rear tyres by optimising the tyre contact patch. Furthermore, we have designed in additional scalloping to the end flanges to further reduce weight, stiffened rear suspension location pickup, adjusted the wall thickness of the tube to increase rigidity for high load/high performance use and built in a motorsport spec breather for improved breathing in continued high speed usage.

Supplied as a pair of tubes with diff case bearing cup insert. It is also possible to supply a fully built axle as seen in these photos which can include our magnesium centre housing, rifle drilled halfshafts, titanium wheel stud/nut kit, lightweight aluminium rear brake backplates and Superleggera rear brake kit.

What’s Included

  • Pair of tubes
  • Diff case bearing cup insert

Technical Details

Feature6.5kg weight saving