GTA-R Steel Selector Fork Set

£975.00 GBP (ex vat)


Worn/damaged selector forks are becoming a bigger and bigger issue with Alfa gearboxes as they get older and increased performance & race use is highlighting the inherent design weaknesses of the standard parts. We have redesigned and manufactured these race quality forks by combining our considerable experience of high performance & motorsport use along with general modern motorsport knowledge to produce the ultimate selector fork set of 105/115 series gearboxes. We have added an additional pressure pad to control the synchro sleeve angle more accurately and to increase the total pad area and thus reduce pad wear rate, the net result is a sweeter and faster shift action. These forks are made of motorsport grade steel, so are also more resilient to abuse from over selecting than the factory bronze parts. As developed for and being used in our latest GTA-R builds.

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