Alfaholics Semi-Automatic Gear Change Kit



Product Information

Designed for use with the Alfaholics 6-speed sequential gearbox.

This kit allows full throttle clutchless upshifts and clutchless downshifts with throttle blipping to match engine revs to gear speed. The system incorporates the very latest ‘closed-loop’ software using an ECU in conjunction with feedback sensors to modify its own operation in response to the sensor inputs, all in real-time. It uses these sensors to monitor the gear position sensor to determine if and when a shift has been successfully completed. This information is fed back to the ECU so that the pneumatic actuator, engine torque reduction or throttle blip can be turned on and off as necessary to effect the fastest and most reliable gear shifts. As a result, every gear change is monitored and the cut duration is automatically adjusted every time so that each change is completed in the minimum amount of time with the minimum interruption of torque to the wheels. There is also no possibility of resuming full power to the engine before the next gear has been fully engaged, thus reducing dog wear to a minimum and¬†avoiding potential damage to the gears.

The system communicates with the Alfaholics injection ECU, allowing the user to adjust both the extent and rate of ignition retard in order to match the inertia and torque of their particular engine installation.

The system is supplied complete with carbon-fibre paddles (press button alternative as per test car also available), ECU, loom, full pneumatic control system including compressed air tank, compressor unit, actuation valve block and actuator piston assembly to fit to the gearbox.

What’s Included

  • Semi-automatic Gear change kit