Differential Pinion Preload Shims

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TRA4480 | TRA4481

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Product Information

When assembling a differential you will need to set both the pinion height (please see Pinion Height Shims listing) and the pinion preload using shims.

These pinion preload shims are manufactured from high grade carbon steel by an aircraft industry approved manufacturer. These shims are used by ourselves in all of our race and high performance road differential builds.

The shims are available for both 1600 and 2000 specification differentials and available in a range of thicknesses.

  • 1600 available in 0.05mm increments, from 1.20mm to 2.80mm thick.
  • 2000 available in 0.05mm increments, from 2.05mm to 2.60mm thick.

What’s Included

Differential Pinion Preload Shims

Differential Pinion Preload Shims

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