Alfaholics Performance Propshaft Rebuild Kit

£550.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Full high quality rebuild kit for all 105 series models with late version propshaft centre support (approx. 1967-1968 onwards).

Kit comprises a heavy duty doughnut & centre support, competition quality centre bearing & snap ring, steel front bush & rubber spacer a new dynamically balanced Alfaholics race quality rear propshaft section. We always recommend a new rear propshaft over rebuilding an original as nearly all original propshafts have excess play in the sliding spline which cannot be rebuilt as well as Universal Joint yoke damage from previous Universal Joint changes that result in excess side play even with new Universal Joints installed.

The rear prop is supplied with 8mm bolt holes to ensure they fit all cars, both early and late, if your car requires 9mm bolts then you need to drill the bolt holes out in the yoke flanges.

Please select from the drop down your car model so we can select the correct version of rear propshaft for your application.

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