Alfaholics Close Ratio Gear Kit (REM Superfinish) – GTA / TZ

£3,750.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

Close ratio GTA/TZ gear kit with original Autodelta ratios made for Alfaholics in the UK by the leading competition gearbox manufacturer. Gears are lightened as in the original GTA gearbox (drilled or scoop cut) and the layshaft is rifle drilled, in addition to the weight saving, this allows quicker gearshifts and reduced synchro wear as there’s less rotating inertia. We have also integrated needle roller bearings to all main shaft gears to reduce friction over the original bronze bush gear design.
This gearset is a must for high powered cars as the (very low ratio) standard first gear becomes essentially unusable as it’s designed for engines around 100 bhp. As a result we fit this gear set to all Alfaholics GTA-R builds as the extra torque allows a much higher 1st gear to be used without compromising performance. With a longer first gear, 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear can be stacked closer together to ensure the engine revs drop back onto peak torque when changing gear, resulting in much improved acceleration through the gears.
All components are put through a final REM Superfinish process. This process polishes the surfaces of the components at a particle level resulting in a super smooth chrome appearance finish. This finish results in the oil getting worked less hard inside the box resulting in reduced frictional losses – the result of this is a nett gain of BHP at the rear wheels. We have been using the same set of gears in our works full race 1600 GTA for 12 seasons and in our works GTA-R 003 for over 60,000 miles, proving ultimate reliability along with the improved performance.

What’s Included

Technical Details

Models All 105/115 series gearboxes
Gear ratios

Standard 105 series ratios in brackets:
• 1st gear 2.54:1 (3.304)
• 2nd gear 1.66:1 (1.988)
• 3rd gear 1.22:1 (1.355)
• 4th gear 1.00:1 (1.00)
• 5th gear 0.856:1 (0.791 or 0.86 for 1300 Junior)
MaterialFully heat treated EN36 steel (A nickel-chromium-molybdenum-based case hardened engineering steel)
Profile Coarse pitch tooth profiles for additional tooth strength