GTA-R Differential Oil Sump (Aluminium)

£495.00 – £550.00 GBP (ex vat)

ALF-105-EDS | ALF-105-EDL

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Product Information

CNC machined billet aluminium increased capacity differential sump for 105 / 115 axle cases.

1300 / 1600 / 1750 version & 2000 / Montreal version with extra ‘tongue’ at the front.

High horsepower 105s start to suffer from excessively high differential oil temperatures under hard use, this can cause premature CWP wear.

The differential sump size & design was originally specced for the early 1300, 101 Giulietta, it was run through to the later 105 models unchanged and certainly never intended for the type of BHP or load that so many of us put through the cars today.

Excessive whine and backlash noise at the end of long hard drives that go away when the car has rested are classic signs of overly hot differential oil.

We have designed the differential sump to carry 23% additional oil capacity and redesigned it with a combination of both larger & additional lateral cooling fins (in a similar design to a GTA engine lower sump) to dramatically increase the surface area for airflow and therefore significantly increase cooling efficiency of the sump.

• The fins are drilled ready for lock-wiring the sump plug.
• The differential is anodised to protect the aluminium.

What’s Included

  • 1x Diff Oil Sump
  • 1x Lightweight race ‘lockwire drilled’ sump plug
  • Stainless cap head bolts
  • 1x Sump gasket

Technical Details

Fitment1300 / 1600 / 1750 version
2000 / Montreal
MaterialAnodised billet aluminium