Alfaholics Premium Quality Synchromesh Sleeve

£140.00 GBP (ex vat)


New production – exclusive to Alfaholics.  We chose to manufacture these new premium quality synchro sleeves due to the availability of new original Alfa synchro sleeves finally ceasing in 2012. When this happened, we tried first to source the already available reproduction sleeves to try them out. When they arrived we noticed an obvious difference in tooth profile which made the rings hard to slide in and out of the sleeves on the bench. During driving, gear baulking, not dissimilar to using the cheap reproduction synchro rings was observed. At this point we knew that we had no option but to embark on our own production synchro sleeves, to match our new premium quality synchro rings.

By cutting up one of our new old stock original Alfa synchro sleeves and scanning the tooth profile, we were able to produce a CAD drawing to perfectly replicate the original production. With this data on file we were able to manufacture these premium quality hardened sleeves. Fit these with our premium quality synchro rings for a full perfect matching OE specification synchro system.

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