Limited Slip Differential

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As fitted to all Alfaholics-R fast road builds and all Alfaholics full race cars. Unique design exclusive to Alfaholics diffs, developed in house to optimise torque transfer and traction under power whilst also optimising vehicle handling balance both on and off power.

The unique layout of roll centre heights and weight distribution of a 105/115 series Alfa results in unique torque transfer demands on LSD units unseen in most other cars. This has resulted in Alfaholics developing a unique internal LSD design and setup to ensure optimum vehicle performance at all times.

Special copper sintered LSD friction plates allow a lower static preload pressure, which result in a more progressive differential lock-up for superior traction and easier driving on the limit. The car’s become very easy to drive at the limit of traction and easy to chose to slide the car in both minimal drifts for fastest laptimes, or big slides for showboating. The unique ramp angle set and low static preload ensures that the car’s line through a corner remains very adjustable via throttle load.

Ramp cross pins diameter have been increased to reduce internal wear and strength the differential.

Tested and developed with two different ramp settings for different applications.

• Fast road, track day, race use with over 180BHP – as used in all GTA-R
• Pure road application for less powerful cars (180BHP or less)

Each LSD is manufactured with both sets of ramps on each cup allowing a choice of setup. A simple internal swap turns a higher performance differential (this is the standard setting all LSDs are built to) into a road or rally specification differential.

This LSD is manufactured in 2 different fitment sizes:-

  • Small GT Junior (factory non-limited slip differential) – 25 spline halfshafts
  • Larger 2000 casing sizes – 27 spline halfshafts

We also stock a version using GT Junior housing size with 27 spline 2000 side gears.

Alfaholics offer a complete bearing and seal set, if you are fitting a new differential, fit new all bearings and seals too! Includes, differential bearings and seals, wheel bearings, shrink rings (for 2000) and halfshaft oil seals (Listed in the related products below):

  • Full Rebuild Kit for non limited slip differential type ‘Small’ Axle.
  • Full Rebuild Kit for limited slip differential type ‘Large’ Axle.

What’s Included

Limited Slip Differential

Limited Slip Differential

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All 105 / 115 Series





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