Alfaholics Full Length Race Propshaft Conversion

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Ultra lightweight full length race-spec propshaft – just 7.9kg total weight including the heavy duty centre support! Manufactured exclusively for Alfaholics by Formula 1’s choice balancing company using race-grade ultra stiff 2″ diameter tube and fitted with 3 heavy duty race UJs. The UJs are also scalloped for additional weight saving. Once manufactured, the entire unit is balanced to 10,000rpm to ensure perfect balance at all speeds that it will experience in use.  It is worth remembering that all 105 series gearboxes run an overdrive 5th gear so the propshaft can spin somewhat faster than engine speed!  Those with experience of running fast road and race cars will be fully aware of all the problems associated with propshafts, particularly when trying to cure persistent vibrations. This led us to produce the ultimate solution.

We go to this great effort of using only the highest grade tube and 10,000rpm balancing due to our own experience of using other cheaper propshaft manufacturing companies. Whilst these cheaper propshafts might be smooth at lower speeds, they lose their balance at critical higher speeds and consequently introduce vibration into the drivetrain. This loss of balance is caused by 2 main factors: firstly the lack of technology to balance the entire unit at anywhere near the speeds which it will achieve in fast driving and, secondly, the use of cheaper inferior quality tube which is not as true or stiff as the most expensive grades of steel tube that we use with our propshafts. When we carried out our propshaft development, we experimented with “tube in tube” systems and discovered that they make absolutely no discernible difference to NVH.  The reason for this is very simple – in order to be stiff enough to transmit torque using such a small cross sectional contact area, they are in effect a solid propshaft anyway.  We also quickly discovered that they have a significant inherent weakness – the two tubes can slip against each other under high torque loads such as standing starts, immediately resulting in a huge imbalance.  We dismissed this design straight away.

Note that you will need to machine your 3-eared Alfa gearbox output spider in a lathe to be a snug fit to our aluminium adaptor. If you do not have this facility, please send us your gearbox drive spider for modification when you order the kit from us.

Available for all floorpan lengths – to suit GT, Saloon and Spider.  Please select.

As used on all Alfaholics GTA-R 290 builds.

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