Alfaholics Autodelta Sliding Block Differential Casing (Aluminium)

£1,450.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

A perfect copy of an original Autodelta GTA sliding block axle casing. All the original casting details have been observed and incorporated into the new castings alongside the Alfaholics logo allowing easy identification between our part and originals.

Cast using motorsport grade aluminium.

New pinion bearing housing sleeves precision machined from billet steel along with all new fixing studs for side tubes, sump and handbrake mechanism.

This is the small housing size for use with small Crown Wheel & pinion & bearings, not GTV sized parts.

If required, GTV halfshafts can be utilised by using our Alfaholics racing differential, GT Junior housing with GTV side gears.

Technical Details

MaterialMotorsport grade aluminium (case)
Billet steel (pinion bearing housing sleeves)