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Alfaholics Fast Road/Race Suspension Rebuild Package Stage 3

£3250.00 (ex VAT)

The Stage 3 upgrade to the above Fast Road Suspension Package ads further refinements to the Stage 2 and Race Packages.

Conventional bottom balljoints and track rod ends are upgraded to the Alfaholics Geometry Pack and Rose Jointed steering arms for better camber control and much improved turn-in and weight saving. The rear T-bar is upgraded to the Race version with centre Uniball and a set of Alfaholics Lightweight trailing arms are included to further reduce unsprung weight.


GTA Brake Pipe Exhaust Heat Shield – RHD

£75.00 (ex VAT)

Alfaholics production, perfect copy from original part to fit RHD 1600 GTA. Lazer cut and jig bent from correct aluminium material and riveted together as original.


750/101 Giulietta Rear Shock Absorber Lower Mounting Brackets

£80.00 (ex VAT)

Set of high quality CNC machined mounting brackets to bolt to the rear axle spring pans on all 750/101 series for mounting the bottom of the shock absorber. Original items quite often corroded and were a poor quality casting, these CNC machined billet replacements are a must for all performance application cars. Sold as a set of 4.


Electronic On-Glass Radio Antenna

£19.95 (ex VAT)

Amplified AM/FM antenna for internal “on-glass” installation.


New 65A alternator

£115.00 (ex VAT)

This is a new unit and features a built in voltage regulator for simplified fitting and wiring, only two cables to fit!

Rated at 65 amps at 3000 rpm but produces a 75 amps at 3500 rpm and 84 amps peak at 6000 rpm so this offers a useful upgrade over the original equipment Alfa alternator


916 GTV/Spider Handbrake Cable Retaining Clips

£9.95 Pair (ex VAT)

Pair of stainless steel handbrake cable retaining clips to fit to the rear spring pan arms.  Supplied complete with stainless steel fixing bolts and spring washers.


Lightweight Competition Heater

£130.00 (ex VAT)

Weighs an amazingly little 1.2KG. Perfect solution for trackday and rally/race cars to save significant weight but retain interior heating. Can be fixed into the original position under the dash and plumbed with an early type heater valve through original slide controller. 4 outlets match early heater type air plumbing, or can be run in late heater cars to have 2 exits blowing in foot wells and 2 exits adapted to go to dash vents.


Giulietta SZ Door hoop handle

£250.00 (ex VAT)

Alfaholics production. The hoop handles of Giulietta SZ are unique and of different design to TZ and GTA. We have scanned an original item to produce a CAD to CNC machine from billet aluminium these new items. They are fully polished for a concours quality finish.


916 GTV Door Retaining Strap

£50.00 (ex VAT)

New Alfaholics production of 916 GTV & Spider retaining strap. This kit includes fitting bolts & washers.


Original Design Dual Circuit Brake Fluid Reservoir

£159.95 (ex VAT)

Original design brake fluid reservoir for all LHD 105 Series cars with dual circuit brakes and hanging pedals, to fit directly to top of master cylinder.

Cd 2

Retro Look CD Player

£125.00 (ex VAT)

RETRO LOOK • Max power 4x 75WATT • LCD display • Plays USB and SD (up to 16GB) • CD, MP3 and WMA playback • ID3-Tag • Bluetooth (handsfree calls, external microphone) • A2DP + AVRCP audiostreaming • Aux-in 3,5mm stereo jack • 18FM presets • RDS EON radio function • 4 band preset equalizer • RCA output • Detachable frontpanel • ISO connector (by cable loom)

Tz pads1

TZ Competition Brake Pads

£175.00 each (ex VAT)

Competition brake pads for TZ. Available in fast road/track day/rally or full race compound. Please specify when ordering.

Diff 3

Quaife ATB Diff – 916 GTV

£615.00 (ex VAT)

Quaife ATB differential for 2.0 TS, 916 GTV, Spider and other Alfa FWD fitments


Red Top 30 Battery With Vertical Mount Battery Tray

£225.00 (ex VAT)

Lightweight, dry-cell battery with an outstanding 400 CCA and 34 rate-AH. Supplied with vertical mount battery tray which gives an excellent neat solution for mounting in areas such as the front of the boot shelf between the shock absorbers.


Bertone “b” Badge

£39.00 (ex VAT)

As fitted to front wing of Montreal


Torino Script

£26.00 (ex VAT)

Torino side script as fitted to Montreal.


Momo Vega 6×14 Wheel

£135.00 (ex VAT)

Superb quality  die cast reproduction of the Momo Vega wheel supplied with centre cap and circlip. Available with offset for GT/Spider (ET23)


GTA 7×14 Corsa Wheel

£135.00 (ex VAT)

Superb quality die cast reproduction of GTA Corsa style wheel supplied with centre cap and circlip. Available with 23 offset

Track rod kit

Standard Track Rod Kit

£105.00 (ex VAT)

Complete track rod set, new rods, ends and locknuts.

Track rod kit

Lemforder Track Rod Kit

£185.00 (ex VAT)

Complete set of steering track rods with top quality Lemforder track rod ends.


Inner Head Light Mounting Ring – 5 3/4″

£29.95 (ex VAT)

To fit all non step-front Bertone GT with 4 headlights.

Outer Head Light Mounting Panel 7″

£55.00 Each (ex VAT)

To fit outer headlights on all non step-front 105 GT.

Tool kit

Tool Kit

£60.00 (ex VAT)

Original type tool kit for 105/115 Series Alfa Romeo. The kit includes a wheel brace (19mm), spark plug socket, 11 & 13mm spanner and a double ended screwdriver and pliers.


Momo Indy 350mm Wood Rim Steering Wheel

£199.00 (ex VAT)

350mm Woodrim steering wheel with brushed aluminium spokes.


Pair Of Premium Quality 4″ Coaxial Speakers

£79.99 (ex VAT)

High quality 4″ coaxial speaker. Speaker grilles are included, each consisting of a black grille tray and a black steel mesh grille. As fitted to our latest GTA-R builds.


Pair Of Premium Quality 6″Coaxial Speakers

£99.99 (ex VAT)

High quality 6″ coaxial speaker. Speaker grilles are included, each consisting of a black grille tray and a black steel mesh grille. As fitted to our latest GTA-R builds.


2-Channel Amplifier With Bluetooth Wireless Technology

£50.00 (ex VAT)

Use this box to wire directly with speaker system for wireless bluetooth streaming. This amplifier can be fitted in a anywhere in the car due to its small size and weight (less than 11cm wide and only 258g) No head unit required. As fitted to our latest GTA-R builds.

DABmotion ROLA – Wireless Digital Radio (DAB) Interface with Glass Mount Antenna

£125.00 (ex VAT)

KEY FEATURES – Utilises existing radio for information display – Hideaway interface / control adaptor – Wireless connection & communication – Innovative ergonomic ‘ROLA’ RF remote – New ROLA design extends RC battery life – Patented ‘AFC’ Auto Frequency Control technology – Easy access to store / recall your favourite stations – Station, track & artist information displayed via RDS text – Direct access to AUX In (3.5mm Jack) – High performance screen mount antenna included – Latest antenna technology compatible with RHD & LHD vehicles – Adaptor is compliant with DAB & DAB+ SPECIFICATION – WorldDMB profile 1 compliant […]


Duetto Spider Dashboard – LHD 1966-1969

£285.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality reproduction of Longtail Spider dash top. To fit all LHD Spider 1966-1969, as well as Kammtail Spider Junior which still use the metal face type dash.

Steering 2

Alfaholics Power Steering Conversion for 105/115 Series

£3390.00 (ex VAT)

We have recently developed this superb electric power steering system which fits into the original steering column and is concealed from view under the dashboard. The system is speed sensitive (by taking a pulse from the speedo cable) and is therefore able to provide increased assistance at low speeds when parking and manoeuvring.  As the road speed increases, the assistance gradually reduces until it reaches a minimal level by 30mph/50kmh, so as to retain the lovely Alfa steering feel.  Torque sensors in the steering column continually feed data to the electronic control unit in order to apply the optimum level […]

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