Alfaholics Lightweight Performance Camshaft Installation Kit – Nord

£295.00 GBP (ex vat)


Precision CNC machined set of steel cam sprockets, aluminium verniers and locking bolts/nuts. We have manufactured the sprockets, bolts & nuts from a motorsport grade steel, whilst the verniers are machined from aircraft grade 7 series hard anodized aluminium. Original sprockets are typically worn which can lead to cam timing inaccuracy whilst verniers & bolts have typically been abused and damaged over the years. Installing these new Alfaholics parts constitutes a weight saving whilst enabling you to have better cam timing and having new motorsport quality ancillary parts to use in your performance engine build.

  • cat_race_parts_105: 105/115
  • cat_std_parts_105_coupe: 105/115 Coupe
  • filter_engine_cylinder_head: Cylinder Head
  • cat_engine: Engine
  • cat_race_parts: Race Parts