GTA-R Fully Sequential Injection / Ignition System – Twin Spark

£5,895.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

To use in conjunction with our Twin Spark billet Inlet manifold & throttle body kit. Over the past 7 years we have been exclusively installing Motec management on our GTA-R builds with stunning results. The setup, monitoring sensors and associated software control systems are unrivalled and the ability to log and analyse 120Mb of previous running data during/after driving allow you to review and refine your map settings with exceptional detail. The system runs fully sequential fuel injection & ignition to give cleaner burning and lower fuel consumption compared with a non-sequential batch fire systems.

Specific features include:-
• 1000Hz processor speed
• Knock sensor trims ignition timing, monitored at a quite remarkable 200Hz. Due to the sequential ignition, it knows which cylinder has knocked and only changes the ignition timing on the specifically required cylinder.
• Wideband lambda control live adjusts injector time to ensure lambda stays to the control table target
• Air pressure sensor adjusts fuel volume delivery to match barometric pressure
• Coolant temperature sensor enables optimisation of cold start and warm up by adjusting injector enrichment and ignition timing advance
• Air temperature sensor enables optimisation of running in different ambient temperatures
• Fuel pressure sensor monitors live fuel pressure and maps required injector timing it against an algorithm for the flow characteristics of our specific chosen injector against varying fuel pressure
• Cam sensor to allow fully sequential injector/ignition/knock control – please note you must make modifications to you head/exhaust cam to install this
• Test function for you to test all components and accessories before first start to ensure all correct wiring and sensor gaps.
• Supplied with our 2.1 GTA-R software map which can be adjusted to suit your individual installation. If using with other engine capacity we can adjust the cc in the software for you.

Included with the kit is an Alfaholics designed, professional motorsport manufactured semi-assembled loom, with all wiring plugs for you to terminate and a spreadsheet with full pin / colour / component / function tables.

As part of the purchase we are able to supply technical support via remote laptop access to de-bug and get the system up and running.

What’s Included

  • Fully sequential injection / ignition system

Technical Details

ModelsTwin Spark engines