Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

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Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ documentation and register by Martin Übelher and Patrick Dasse.

Sixty years ago, in November 1963, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia TZ celebrated its competition debut in the Tour de Corse. The “Tubolare Zagato” – a reference to the tube frame chassis as well as the body designer – was to become one of the most successful models in the long list of race winners from Alfa Romeo. 

The book consists of five volumes, totaling 1500 pages.

The first two volumes document in painstaking detail the development of the Giulia TZ and the racing history of the works cars:

Volume one

300 pages, 329 black and white photos, 53 colour photos, and one contemporary document 

Volume two

300 pages, 318 black and white photos and 73 colour photos. 

Volumes 3, 4 and 5 contain a complete registry of all Giulia TZs ever built, as well as the corresponding changes of ownership, registration numbers and race participation up to the end of homologation in 1974, insofar these can be attributed to individual cars. Volume 5 also contains an appendix with various contemporary documents, including homologation forms as well as a technical bulletin covering race preparation.

Volume three

300 pages with 258 black and white photographs, 62 colour photographs and one contemporary document.

Volume four

300 pages, 214 black and white photos, 71 colour photos and four contemporary documents

Volume five

300 pages with 132 black and white photos, 40 colour photos and 133 contemporary documents.

Dr. Marco Fazio, former director of the factory archives (the “Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo – Centro Documentazione”) allowed us to examine previously unreleased documents related to the Giulia TZ; their evaluation entailed several years of work. The majority of the photographs reproduced in the book have not been previously published. 

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Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

Volume 1

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Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

Volume 2

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Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

Volume 3

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Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

Volume 4

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Giulia TZ Book Collection (Volumes 1-5)

Volume 5

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