Alfaholics Fast Road/Race Suspension Rebuild Package Stage 3

£3,465.00 GBP (ex vat)

GTA-R 8/3

The Stage 3 upgrade to the above Fast Road Suspension Package adds further refinements to the Stage 2 and Race Packages.

Conventional bottom balljoints and track rod ends are upgraded to the Alfaholics Geometry Pack and Rose Jointed steering arms for better camber control and much improved turn-in and weight saving. The rear T-bar is upgraded to the Race version with centre Uniball and a set of Alfaholics Lightweight trailing arms are included to further reduce unsprung weight.

Kit highlights-

  • Alfaholics Fast Road Suspension Rebuild Package
  • Upgrades to S4-type front bar with stronger drop links and 2.25 inch springs for lower unsprung weight and easy spring rate changes
  • Lightweight front spring pans and rear trailing arms
  • GTA-type adjustable top suspension arms for easy camber adjustment.
  • Alfaholics quick steering arms
  • Rose jointed steering arms and front suspension geometry upgrade package
  • Alfaholics aluminium rear T-bar with uniball
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