Front Suspension Geometry Kit

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Product Information

Bolt on kit to radically improve front end grip when turning into corners. Results in a much sharper & more positive steering feel at corner ‘turn in’ phase, inspiring confidence to carry much more speed into corners. As fitted to all Alfaholics GTA-R.

CNC machined kit replaces the original bottom ball joints fitted to your 105 series Alfa Romeo, to optimise the front suspension geometry of all 105/115 series cars. These improvements make the car easier and more predictable to drive on the limit, as well as being faster. Perfect for fast road, track day and race 105 Series cars. This kit is fully compatible with both our FIA 2 1/4” kit which retains springs pans and our full race adjustable ride height kit which removes them.

The kit increases castor by being offset forwards and also corrects the front roll centre back above ground level, in so doing increasing the roll-on camber at the same time. These significant problems of all 105 series Alfas with standard geometry make lowered cars far harder and slower to drive than they should be. The increased roll-on camber and castor provided by this kit allow a reduced level of static camber to be set, vastly improving the drivability of dual-purpose road and track cars.

This Alfaholics kit is supplied with rose jointed outer track rods with specially pre-machined pins that remove bumpsteer completely. No special setup equipment it required! The eradication of bumpsteer makes the car far easier and more enjoyable to drive, as the steering wheel no longer kicks around in your hands, when the suspension moves up and down over bumps and under braking.

Also included are a pair of ‘shock extender pins’ (for use with Koni or Bilstein shocks) which reset the travel of the shock absorber back into the middle of its travel, just as our ‘Shock Turret Extenders’ do for the rear suspension. Our aluminium adjustable front dampers do not need these extender pins.

All parts are CNC machined to the very highest standards and then plated. All rose joints and bearings are PTFE lined self lubricating items, whilst the outer track rods are finished in black powder coating.

What’s Included

Front Suspension Geometry Kit

Front Suspension Geometry (Kit)

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Technical Details


All 105 / 115 Series




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