Alfaholics Sports Brake Package – Stage 1

£775.00 – £795.00 GBP (ex vat)

BRK3403 | BRK3405

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Product Information

Stage 1 sports brake package; complete brake disc and caliper set for 105 / 115 series cars from 1968 onwards and ATE brakes.

Two versions for:
• Small (1300 and 1600 cars)
• Large (1750 and 2000cc cars).

Ideal for those doing a full “ground up” rebuild of a standard car or recommissioning a car with seized and rusty brakes!

This package uses standard fitment parts so is a bolt-on fit but offers a useful upgrade in braking performance with grooved and drilled brake discs, Ferodo DS2500 brakes pads and braided steel brake hoses for improved braking feel, power and fade resistance.

What’s Included

  • 2x Front brake calipers
  • 2x Rear brake calipers
  • 2x Sport grooved & vented front brake discs
  • 2x Sport grooved & vented rear brake discs
  • DS2500 Front brake pads
  • Ferodo DS2500 rear brake pads
  • Braided steel brake flexi set
  • Full kit of brake pad fitting pins & springs

Technical Details

Models • 105 / 115 series cars (1968-1994) – 1300, 1600, 1750, 2000
• Does not fit pre-1968 cars which have Dunlop or early ATE brakes.
Weight 35.4kg (complete package)
Dimensions1300 / 1600
272mm x 13mm (Front disc)
267mm x 9mm (Rear disc)
89mm (Front caliper mounting bolt spacing)

1750 / 2000
267mm x 11mm (Front disc)
267mm x 9mm (Rear disc)
76mm (Front caliper mounting bolt spacing)
DS2500 featuresAverage friction co-efficient of 0,41 over working temperature range of 0-500°C.

Road style refinement but with race material ability to withstand heat with respect to pad life.
Brake hoses PTFE lined braided brake hoses with zinc plated fittings and a clear coat shield
Brake discs Cross-drilled & grooved sports discs for improved brake dust and gas clearance