Alfaholics Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust System

£1,175.00 GBP (ex vat)

EXH1548 | EXH4303 | EXH4303

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  • Stainless Steel Fitting Clamps
  • Alfaholics Stainless Steel Exhaust Fitting Kit

Product Information

Primary & secondary lengths and bores optimised on the dyno. With this system fitted the engine will rev much freer with higher rev capability and in the region of 10BHP increase and 8lb/ft torque.

We have options to allow the direct fitment for all factory fit model variations of 105/115 Series; LHD (floor & hanging pedals, cable & hydraulic clutch) as well as RHD. We have centre link pipes & tailpipes to cover all model variations; GT, Giulia Saloon, Berlina, Roundtail Spider, Kammtail Spider, 1300 Junior Zagato and S3/S4 Spider.

LHD floor pedal cable clutch cars (upgraded to non-factory fit 1750/2000 engines)
Our 1750/2000 manifold will clash with your factory mechanism – you will need to modify your mechanism to factory GTA/TI Super specification to allow the manifold to clear.

Hanging pedal LHD 1600 cars
Order 1750/2000 shallow floor system for increased clearance to floor pan.

RHD 2000 Spider post 1972
Order 2000 hanging pedal version of manifold as your car will have a deep left front floor pan.

LHD S4 Spider with hydraulic PAS
It is necessary to modify the manifold to clear the extra large steering box casing, this can be done with heating it up and bending the manifold pipe that touches.

Under axle upgrade
Cars that are lowered +2.5 inches can encounter the rear axle touching the exhaust on full compression, to resolve this we have created  “under axle” centre and rear sections. For cars that are not lowered by +2.5 inches should refrain from ticking the box.

What’s Included

  • Stainless steel sports exhaust system

Technical Details

Models• 1300 engines
• 1600 engines
• 1750 engines
• 2000 engines

Customer Testimonials

Alfaholics customer John Dobson said the following about his recent purchase:- Many thanks for prompt despatch of the stainless-exhaust. It looks the business. Fitting has proved to be very straight forward and the first impression was of a freer revving engine especially higher up the range. I did a back to back test on the rolling road and was very pleasantly surprised to find that after a bit of carburretor rejetting there was an increase of almost 10BHP! Any more quick fixes like this would be much appreciated!

“Just wanted to let you know that the exhaust system went on beautifully. My mechanic, who works mainly on Ferraris and other italian exotics, told me it was it was the best after-market system he had ever seen. Thanks for making the effort to put great products on the market!”

Marc Hungerford, USA