Alfaholics GTA-R Complete Brake Package

£2,795.00 – £3,525.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Upgrade Options

  • GTA-R Reservoir & Feedline Kit – Floor Pedal Boxes Only
  • Titanium Wheel Stud & Nut Set
  • GTA-R Superleggera Rear Brake Disc & Carrier Kit

Following the success of our full GTA-R suspension package, we have introduced the equivalent full brake package as fitted to our GTA-R builds. We run all our top specification road and track cars with un-servo assisted brakes and our dual circuit bias adjustable pedal box to give the ultime levels of feel and modulation in the brakes, not possible with servo assisted systems.  This packageconsists of:-

Choice of Alfaholics Billet aluminium bias adjustable pedal box (either RHD, floor pedal LHD or hanging pedal LHD)

  • Alfaholics 6-pot Supeleggera or 4-pot Supeleggera front brake kit
  • Alfaholics billet aluminium Supeleggera rear calipers
  • Sport rear discs
  • Alfaholics Braided brake line – set of 3
  • Alfaholics front caliper banjo brake lines
  • Ferodo DS performance brake pads for race or road/track day application.


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