GTA-R ‘Widebody’ Billet Front Upright (Kit)

£4,750.00 GBP (ex vat)


Product Information

Following on from the huge success of our billet GTA-R uprights for narrow body 105 Alfa, we have developed a new set designed specifically to address the significant front steering geometry issues that wide-body 105 series cars suffer from. We all love the look of a wide-body GTAm type car, but the driving experience never lived up to the looks.

With nasty tram-lining and excessive kickback in the steering. This issue is caused by the excessive scrub radius of the steering/suspension geometry that results from the heavily offset wheels being used with standard factory KPI which was of course never designed for wide offset wheels. With the recent commissioning of a wide-body GTA-R build for a customer, we chose this time to address this well-known issue with a re-design on our GTA-R upright, adjusting the KPI to significantly reduce scrub radius down to narrow body levels. Road testing this first GTA-R has proven a remarkable change in the characteristics of the steering; for the first time a wide-body car drives precisely, with razor sharp steering response and an ability to carry speed with total confidence over heavily cambered and rutted surfaces, exactly as well as a narrow body GTA-R.

These uprights are designed in conjunction with our top specification GTA-R front suspension components in order to extract the very best out of the cars.  That means they need to be fitted with our titanium geometry kit and our titanium top wishbones. Due to the modified upper and lower pickup positions, these uprights must be used in conjunction with our steel angled quick steering arms (not our billet aluminium straight versions) in order to retain the correct bump-steer geometry.

These uprights must also be fitted with our 6-pot brake kit.

Naturally to make these wide-body geometry changes, we have had to make certain components of the titanium geometry kit and the 6-pot brake kit to a different design than our ‘normal’ parts to be compatible with the new upright geometry. If buying these uprights as a standalone item and not as a full GTA-R 290 Ultraleggera Titanium Suspension package, we will need to add additional components on top of this upright kit dependant on what Alfaholics suspension parts you might already have – in this case email us with what you already have and we will work a custom package for your individual application.