1972 Fast Road Giulia Super

Our Italian customer shipped us his Giulia Super to fit a range of upgrades to make the car suitable for his fast road daily driving use:-

  • Alfaholics 200BHP Twinspark engine with forged pistons, steel rods, billet cams, full port & polish
  • Alfaholics billet inlet & ITB kit running on GTA-R spec Motec management
  • Alfaholics lightweight aluminium radiator with integrated oil cooler assembly
  • Alfaholics close ratio GTA gearkit and premium gearbox rebuild kit
  • Alfaholics full length race prop
  • Axle fully rebuilt with fast road LSD
  • Alfaholics 7×15″ GTA wheels with 185/60 Michelin tyres
  • Alfaholics 4-pot brake kit
  • Alfaholics fast road stage 2 suspension package
  • Alfaholics sport road seats, interior fully re-trimmed in best quality Italian leather & Wilton wool carpets
  • Alfaholics 55 litre rally fuel tank and GTA-R fuel pump/regulator assembly
  • Alfaholics heated front windscreen