GTA-R Fuel Injection Package – Twinspark

£9,295.00 GBP (ex vat)


As used on all our GTA-R builds. Our billet throttle body inlet kit with integrated fuel rail tailored injectors, trumpets & filter plate and give the very optimum performance figures for all 2.0-2.3L (75 based) 8v Twinspark engine builds, and our full Motec management system provides the most refined mapping with full live monitoring & control systems along with data logging function. Comes complete with ECU mounting stand, ultimate quality GTA-R spec HT leads, Motec semi assembled wiring harness, a full wiring schematic and installation guide along with a full Alfaholics mapping package loaded on the ECU.

The system runs fully sequential fuel injection & ignition to give cleaner burning and lower fuel consumption than non-sequential batch fire systems. Specific features include:-

  • 1000Hz processor speed
  • Knock sensor trims ignition timing, monitored at a quite remarkable 200Hz. Due to the sequential ignition, it knows which cylinder has knocked and only changes the ignition timing on the specifically required cylinder.
  • Wideband lambda control live adjusts injector time to ensure lambda stays to the control table target
  • Air pressure sensor adjusts fuel volume delivery to match barometric pressure
  • Coolant temp sensor enables optimisation of cold start and warms up by adjusting injector enrichment and ignition timing advance
  • Air temp sensor enables optimisation of running in different ambient temperatures
  • Fuel pressure sensor monitors live fuel pressure and map required injector timing it against an algorithm for the flow characteristics of our specific chosen injector against varying fuel pressure
  • Cam sensor to allow fully sequential injector/ignition/knock control – please note you must make modifications to you head/exhaust cam to install this
  • Test function for you to test all components and accessories before the first start to ensure all correct wiring and sensor gaps.
  • Supplied with our 2.1 GTA-R software map which can be adjusted to suit your individual installation. If using with other engine capacities we can adjust the cc in the software for you.