Alfaholics Adjustable Track Day / Race Dampers (Aluminium)

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Development over several months, with rigorous bench dyno testing to set the valving range and bump and rebound characteristics. Followed by thorough fast road testing and culminating in a 3 day test at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The Nordschleife has become the development ground for all the major car manufacturers. With its array of both slow & fast bends, varying gradient, surfaces and camber changes spread over a 13 mile lap, it really is the ultimate testing ground. Our extensive experience at the Ring with 105 Series made this the ultimate development programme for our dampers.

Bilstein dampers are OK for track day and mild race use but have fundamentally flawed characteristics. The body control and direction change is compromised on circuit, whilst road ride quality is also not optimal. The damper valving data we have acquired over the last 5 years whilst running our Alfaholics 2.0 Sprint GT racer on F1 spec dampers across a range of historic, semi-slick and full slick tyres, from street to F1 circuits, has been collated and applied to these new Alfaholics dampers. This means that whatever the application of your car, be it track day, historic race, or modern tyre racing, these Alfaholics adjustable dampers can be adjusted to the perfect setting for your application.

They feature specially machined fittings, enabling standard fitment for both the front and the rear of the car, with the added benefit of the front using a spherical bearing for its lower mount giving extra accuracy and durability. The rear has been designed to allow the spring to be damper mounted with threaded platforms to enable accurate corner-weighing for race cars. Alternatively the original chassis spring seating can be used if coil over is not permitted in your race series.
The adjuster knob is a CNC machined billet aluminium item with positive ‘clicks’ offering excellent ease and accuracy of adjustment. We have designed these adjusters to be mounted at the base of the dampers, as top mounted adjusters are extremely difficult to reach on these cars.

Testing at the Nurburgring proved that the new dampers radically improve turn in and composure during fast direction changes. The car remained far more settled over kerbs providing greater confidence on the limit and therefore higher cornering speeds. A wet and very greasy morning session showed that being able to soften the rear dampers below Bilstein settings, vastly improved turn in and mid corner speed and made the car far easier to drive on the limit. Speeds that previously with Bilsteins would have led to an accident were shrugged off corner after corner with ease! The other key objective we were looking to achieve was an improved ride quality on the road, with the dampers set in the softer positions. This was tested and adjusted during the 1000 mile round trip to the Ring. On their softest setting the ride quality was remarkable, nearly comparable to our fabled fast Road Kit, even with mild race springs!

In their stiffest positions they give a range of settings perfect for slick shod race cars with adjustment allowing for a differing stiff spring rates, circuit types and driver preferences. As the shocks are adjusted softer they give adjustment to suit settings for semi slicks, lightweight GTA race settings, historic tyres settings, wet weather settings down to the softest settings which provide beautifully compliant ride for track day cars on the road. These Alfaholics shock absorbers represent the ultimate damper solution for all track day, rally or full race 105s!

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Alfaholics Adjustable Track Day / Race Dampers (Aluminium)

Alfaholics Adjustable Track Day / Race Dampers (Aluminium)

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