Fast Road Head – Standard Valve

£4,500.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Alfaholics 2000 Nord Engine PK – Stage 2 Bottom End Parts
  • Alfaholics 1600/2000 Nord Engine PK – Stage 3 Bottom End Parts

Offered for all engine sizes 1300, 1600, 1750 & 2000. Always our latest development and evolution, much better than C&B cam head. Features special porting, new Alfaholics design billet camshaft (hollow for reduced weight) that gives fantastic torque and driveability, DLC cam followers, standard size valves & race valve springs. It is supplied with the inlet manifold and our new billet aluminium short carb mounts. Designed for use with your original 40mm Webers that only need re-jetting and also fine with standard pistons.

+25BHP over the standard head, +35BHP when used in conjunction with the Alfaholics stainless sports exhaust, +45BHP with Alfaholics forged pistons & Alfaholics exhaust!

These heads have simply been fitted directly to running 2000 GTVs with no necessity to remove the engine. Cams all specially marked up so no special tools are required to time cams. So easy!

We need you to supply your corehead and inlet manifold to rebuild for you.

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