Adjustable Dual Circuit Brake Balance Box with Clutch – LHD Hanging Pedal Version

£575.00 GBP (ex vat)


As used on all our GTA-R builds, premium quality Alfaholics production!

Following the success of our floor pedal brake balance box systems, we have developed this superb kit for late Left Hand Drive cars with hanging pedals. It fits directly with no modifications required, bolting directly to the aluminium pedal casting where the servo used to fit.

Being a non-servo system, it gives you unrivalled brake feel and the internal brake bias adjuster allows you to easily and accurately set the front to rear bias.

We have also integrated the clutch master cylinder into the box, which connects directly to the original Alfa clutch actuation arm and thus simultaneously results in a premium race quality clutch master cylinder upgrade. The system is compatible with both original Alfa steel pedals as well as our Alfaholics billet aluminium pedal set.

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