Adjustable Dual Circuit Brake Balance Box – RHD Floor Pedal Version

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  • GTA-R Reservoir & Feedline Kit – Floor Pedal Boxes Only

As used on all our GTA-R builds. Box CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium, giving a superb look to the kit!

Alfaholics production. To fit right hand drive only. This box directly replaces the standard Alfa / reproduction brake master cylinder whether it is a single or dual circuit set up. It bolts onto the outside of the chassis leg using the standard fitment points, no modification is necessary.

It uses a pair of Girling race brake master cylinders with an adjustable balance bar allowing the front to rear brake bias to be very finely adjusted. A remote bias adjuster cable can be screwed onto the end of the bar to allow the bias to be adjusted from the cockpit whilst driving, great for trackday and race use!

Because this kit uses a pair of race master cylinders, we are able to optimise the bore diameters to allow the servos to be removed whilst still having optimum power. As a result of not using the servos you get a dramatic improvement in the feel of the brakes allowing far better modulation of brake pressure and thus less chance of locking the wheels under heavy braking. The added bonus of using this system is a significant cost saving by not having to use expensive servos and reproduction Alfa master cylinders. Indeed this pedal box is cheaper to fit than a reproduction RHD dual circuit master cylinder and a pair of servos! As a result people in the process of building fast road/trackday or race cars from scratch have the unique opportunity to simultaneously improve the brake system dramatically AND save money!

A spherical joint is fitted in the front of the box where the pedal rod enters the box to ensure perfect free movement of rod.

Kit comes complete with master cylinders, banjos for hydraulic fittings, brake rod, balance bar, spherical bearing, lid and bolts.

As used on all Alfaholics performance builds and GTA-Rs.


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