Alfaholics 4-Pot Superleggera Brake Kit

£1,195.00 GBP (ex vat)

RCE2002/16 | RCE2002

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Exclusive to Alfaholics, this kit represents the ultimate light weight 4-pot brake upgrade for 105 series Alfa Romeo!

This complete kit of 280mm discs, calipers, bells & mounting brackets is the result of an extensive development programme consisting of thousands of miles of both circuit and fast road use on our own cars. We have now taken the development a stage further and incorporated our new superleggera design into the calipers and bells to make further weight savings, whilst maintaining exceptional caliper strength and rigidity.

In designing a bespoke caliper for the 105 series, we have been able to eliminate the compromises associated with a generic ‘off the shelf’ caliper. For example, we have been able to enlarge and strengthen the caliper where necessary and at the same time increase the number of cross bolts from 5 to 8 in total. These two key features have dramatically increased the rigidity of the caliper, thereby improving pedal feel and reducing pedal travel. This has also resulted in considerably increased stopping power! Mounting brackets are available for either small uprights (1300/1600) or large uprights (1750/2000), to ensure that this kit fits all 105 series cars. The caliper fits inside both the Alfaholics 6×14” GTA Strada and the Alfaholics 7×15GTA Veloce wheels.

The kit is supplied complete with all bolts, lock nuts, washers and hydraulic fittings, ready to fit directly to your car with no modifications.

This kit is compatible with the original Alfa Romeo master cylinder and servo system, as well as both the Alfaholics single and dual circuit master cylinder conversions.

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