Adjustable Dual Circuit Brake Balance Box – LHD Floor Pedal

£675.00 GBP (ex vat)

BRK2092 | BRK5418

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Designed to fit LHD 105 series cars with floor mounted pedals. The brake balance box is CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium. As used on our GTA-R builds.

This box replaces the standard Alfa-type brake master cylinder, whether it is a European single circuit or a USA dual circuit system. It bolts to the gearbox cross-member making for a simple installation.

As shown in the photos, it fits perfectly and is tucked up neatly out of the way. It can also be used in conjunction with standard exhaust brackets and is compatible with the Alfaholics stainless steel sports exhaust system. This system is suited for both fast road, track day cars and full race cars.

It uses a pair of Girling race brake master cylinders with an adjustable balance bar, allowing for front to rear brake bias adjustment. A remote bias adjuster cable can be screwed onto the end of the bar allowing the bias to be fine-tuned from the cockpit.

This kit uses a pair of race master cylinders, giving the ability to optimise the bore diameters, allowing the servos to be removed whilst still retaining optimum power. By not using the servos you get a dramatic improvement in the feel of the brakes allowing for far better modulation of brake pressure resulting in less chance of locking the wheels under heavy braking.

The kit is supplied with the optimum sized master cylinders depending on whether the car is fitted with Dunlop, ATE, 4-Pot or 6-Pot brakes.

A spherical joint is fitted in the front of the box where the pedal rod enters the box to ensure perfect free movement of the rod.

What’s Included

  • 2x Girling brake master cylinders
  • Banjos for hydraulic fittings
  • 1x Brake push rod
  • 1x Brake balance bar
  • 1x Spherical bearing
  • 1x Brake box lid
  • 4x Zinc plated cap head bolts

Technical Details

ModelsAll LHD 105 series cars with floor mounted pedals
TreatmentHard anodised (brake box)
Powder coated (gearbox bracket)
Material6082 T6 billet aluminium (brake box)
Aluminium (brake cylinders)

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