GTA-R Twinspark Engine Package – 2.1L Conversion 225BHP

£11,675.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Add Alfaholics Stainless Exhaust System
  • GTA-R Fuel Injection Package – Twinspark
  • Add Billet Injection Package
  • Add Carb Inlet Package

A full kit of Alfaholics parts to rebuild and uprate a complete 8v 2.0 Twinspark engine to our 225 BHP ultimate road/trackday/race specification. +85BHP when used in conjunction with our full s/s sports exhaust which we consider essential at this stage of tune.

Kit highlights include:

  • Alfaholics hollow billet cams in high performance road/medium competition profile
  • Alfaholics Camshaft installation kit
  • race oversize inlet valves
  • titanium retainers
  • valve springs and race followers
  • 94mm long stroke crank
  • forged high compression super-lightweight overbore pistons with matching competition rods with optimised geometry
  • oversize liners
  • race quality crank bearings
  • race quality chains
  • lower chain tensioner
  • race quality head stud kit
  • high capacity oil pump
  • windage tray
  • mass damper version of our flat flywheel
  • race head gasket
  • competition quality running in oil to use for the first 500 miles & competition fully-synthetic oil to put in after with filters for both oil changes.
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