Alfaholics 330mm 6 Pot Brake Kit

£1,395.00 GBP (ex vat)


We have developed and manufactured this fantastic new big brake kit for 916 series 3.0 V6 GTV & Spider. As owners will testify, these cars have notoriously poor brakes as standard and they are particularly inadequate given the performance of the V6 engine! This kit replaces the OE set-up with Brembo 330mm grooved and vented sport discs and huge 6 pot calipers. The calipers are machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium and feature stainless steel castellated pistons for durability and minimal heat transfer. The kit comes complete with bespoke aluminium brackets which bolt to the standard upright and stainless steel braided hoses to connect the calipers to the standard brake hoses. This is fully compatible with our 4 line braided hose kit.

We have done extensive road and track testing to perfect this kit and the result is awesome stopping power with excellent pedal feel and sensitivity. We carried out the track testing at Bedford Autodrome GT circuit which is notoriously tough on brakes. Lap after lap it was easy to attack every braking area with great confidence and it was impossible to induce any fade, even during prolonged sessions. The increased level of bite made it possible to brake far later than ever possible with standard brakes.

On the road, the brakes are superbly powerful and effortless, making the car a joy to drive quickly down twisty B roads, with the added security of having awesome stopping ability in the event of an emergency. The improvement over the standard Alfa brakes is extraordinary – this kit has proved to be an amazing upgrade for the Alfaholics 3.0 V6 GTV and has made the car so much more fun to drive quickly!

The kit requires a minimum of 17″ diameter wheels.

In addition to the kit, we can supply either Ferodo DS2500 or DS3000 pads.

Unfortunately we can no longer offer the grooved discs.

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