Alfaholics V6 Handling Kit – 916 GTV / Spider 3L

£625.00 – £850.00 GBP (ex vat)

GTV2741 | GTV4146

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Product Information

A fabulous new suspension upgrade developed by Alfaholics for owners of 916 series GTV & Spider!

This suspension kit to improve the handling of 3L V6 GTVs and Spiders which suffer as standard from poor body control and excessive understeer, partly due to the heavy V6 engine up front.  We used the Alfaholics GTV as the development car, already upgraded with the superb Koni sport front dampers, and set about evaluating a range of different setups to improve body control during direction changes and on-limit behaviour, without affecting the ride quality and the day to day usability of the car.

The uprated anti-roll bars have improved turn-in to the point where the steering feels much more responsive and direct, as less of the steering inputs are absorbed and lost through excessive body roll.  Whereas the standard car would rapidly reach its limits and wash into understeer, the modified car tacks into turns positively with higher grip levels, inspiring greater driver confidence and enjoyment. 

The anti-roll bars are now tuned to provide better throttle adjustability on the limits of grip, making it easier to adjust the line, especially in instances where a corner tightens or there is a surface change.  This is particularly noticeable in the wet where the car feels superbly balanced and can even be made to break into mild and manageable oversteer if provoked.  We have developed the kit with an adjustable rear anti-roll bar, allowing owners to fine-tune on-limit behaviour according to driver preference.

What’s Included

  • Uprated front and rear anti-roll bars finished in black powder-coating
  • Laser cut aluminium mounts
  • Poly bushes
  • New nuts and bolts

Technical Details

Models3L V6 GTVs and Spiders

Customer Testimonials

What impressed me greatly was the improvement to steering feel: before, it felt loose and very old-Japan-esy. After, it is tight (stiffer), better weighted and more direct. And the car certainly feels better balanced and quicker on roundabouts.  Comparisons are based on 105 ownership – many examples – since 1970, and currently a 156 JTS.  Again, thanks for the prompt help and a good product – ooh, and my mechanic (Autotech Services, Canberra) was impressed by the fitting inclusions!

Peter – Australia