Alfaholics 7×15″ GTA Veloce Wheel & Tyre Packages

£1,030.00 – £1,210.00 GBP (ex vat)


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This complete package of four Alfaholics 7×15 GTA Veloce Wheels. is offered with fitment, dynamic balancing with stick on weights. Available to order with Yokohama’s outstanding performance road/track tyre or Michelin energys.

Yokohamas new tyre is based on the carcass of their all conquering AO48 semi slick race tyre, featuring a superb new compound and tread design for fast road and track use. We have tested this new tyre for several thousand miles on Max’s GTA-R and Andrew’s Ti Super-R with outstanding and completely unrivalled results. Tyre grip & traction is superb with beautiful progressive feel to slides, lovely steering feel & response and excellent ride quality. The wet weather performance is just as impressive, easily handling standing water at up to 90mph/145kph! As an added bonus, wear rate is surprisingly low! By far the best tyres we have used for cross-over road & track use; all the performance of a semi-slick, with wet weather practicality and safety of a road tyre!

Available with a ET29 or ET35 offset.


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