Kent Racing Valve Springs

£135.00 GBP (ex vat)


Carefully selected by Alfaholics as the optimum valve spring for all performance 101/105 and race Alfa twin-cam engines, tested by Alfaholics to over 9000rpm!

  • cat_race_parts_105: 105/115
  • cat_std_parts_105_all: All 105/115 Series
  • filter_book_mechanical_cylinder_head: Cylinder Head
  • filter_engine_cylinder_head: Cylinder Head
  • cat_engine: Engine
  • filter_book_mechanical_main: Mechanical
  • cat_race_parts: Race Parts
  • cat_standard_parts: Standard Parts
  • filter_twinspark_engine_internals: Twinspark Engine Internals
  • filter_twinspark_valve_gear: Twinspark Engine Valve Gear
  • filter_engine_valves: Valves