Alfaholics Full 3-D Mapped Ignition System for Twin Spark

£925.00 GBP (ex vat)


Convert away from original twin distributor or avoid expensive GTA 8-point distributor conversion with this superb mapped ignition kit. This is a full 3-D setup which allows ignition advance to not only be endlessly variable dependant on engine revs, but also with regard to throttle position. As a result the ignition timing can be refined far beyond the wildest dreams of a distributored engine! This results in a far smoother power curve and far greater ability to iron out flat spots. As a result, far more wild ‘race type’ cam profiles can be used on road/trackday engines, than could normally, and the engine will still have complete driveability that enables it to be docile driving to the shops yet have the ultimate performance for fast road and track work!

This system really is the ultimate way to run your Twin Spark engine on carburettors, giving most of the advantages of an injection set up but without the additional expense.

The boxes can be mounted anywhere in the car, either under the bonnet or under the dash. At Alfaholics we have thoroughly tried and tested this set up and are thrilled with the results we have obtained. We use it as standard equipment in every Alfaholics GTA-R build running on carburettors and as part of the package on all Alfaholics supplied carburettored Twinspark engines.

Kit comes complete with ECU (loaded with a start up map to get you going), 2 coil packs, 2 amplifiers, carburettor throttle potentiometer, universal loom, connector plugs and programming kit.

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