Alfaholics Full 3D Mapped Ignition / EFI System – Twin Spark & Nord

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Upgrade Options

  • Air Temperature Sender
  • Wideband Lambda Kit

Product Information

Convert away from original twin distributor or avoid expensive GTA 8-point distributor conversion with this superb crank trigger wheel controlled ECU system.

This system has the flexibility to be used as ‘ignition only’ or (with the appropriate extra parts included in the ‘add-to’ box) EFI. As ignition only, it is a full 3D setup which uses a throttle position sensor connected to the front carburettor to adjust ignition advance against both revs and throttle angle/load. The system comes with a coolant temperature sensor so that the ECU knows when the engine is cold to add warm up ignition advance, and has an output driver to control a relay to operate an electric fan to look after engine temperature control. It has additional programmable features such as a table to control idle engine revs by varying ignition timing to maintain a stable idle speed. These features add up to a result that allows ignition timing to be refined far beyond what a distributor engine can achieve resulting in smoother power delivery and great idle stability.

This system really is the ultimate way to run any carburettor Alfa engine, giving a proportion of the advantages of an injection set up but without the additional expense/complication. It comes complete with 2 coil packs for running on the more common Twin Spark installation, but equally can be used on late Nord engines which come equipped with a 60-2 trigger wheel and Bosch sensor on the front cover to send the ECU the required engine speed/position data, in this application you simply only wire in one of the coil packs. The kit comes complete with a QR code to scan to load a full installation spreadsheet, pin by pin, colour by colour. The ECU is pre-loaded with an Alfaholics specific map fore both ignition and fuel to be used as a base for you to adjust to match youR specific engine requirements. Note that with differing compression/crown design engine to engine and in EFI format, differing injector/throttle body size, both ignition and fuel tables will need adjusting to ensure correct settings are achieved – this must be done at a professional rolling road tuning centre.

If you want to use it for EFI application, you can combine it with any aftermarket throttle body set, it can be run blind without lambda control, or as per our recommendation with wide band lambda closed loop control system.

What’s Included

  • 1x ECU (electronic control unit)
  • 1x Loom
  • 1x Crank sensor loom
  • 2x Bosch coil packs
  • 2x Three pin coil plugs
  • 1 x Bosch coolant temperature sender two pin mini-timer
  • 2x Three pin auxillary plus
  • 1x Throttle potentiometer

Technical Details

Models Suits Nord or Twin Spark application
Features Smoother power delivery & great idle stability