Alfetta & 75 Race Parts

Alfaholics Premium Quality Synchromesh Ring

£99.95 (ex VAT)

New production – exclusive to Alfaholics. We chose to manufacture these new premium quality synchro rings due to the continuing issues with the reproduction rings currently available on the market. It is common knowledge among Alfa racers round the world that the reproduction rings are not made to the correct tolerances and this leads to baulked gearchanges and premature molybdenum coating wear, particularly noticeable during track and fast road use. Until now there has been no solution to the problem, as only the standard reproduction rings have been available. Up until 10 years ago when the genuine Alfa synchro rings […]

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Synchro Sleeve

£80.00 (ex VAT)

Synchro sleeve – Reproduction

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Alfaholics Twin Spark Engines

£POA (ex VAT)

Alfaholics can provide 2.0 Twin Spark engines for trackday or race usage. Whether you want injection or carburettors, distributor or mapped ignition we have a solution for your needs! Please e-mail or call Max @ Alfaholics for details on specification, options, pricing and power!

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(ex VAT)

Full stainless steel exhaust system including manifold for the Alfa 75 Twinspark. Designed with small silencer boxes to increase ground clearance over the standard system making it ideal for lowered cars! Tubular manifold allows better top end breathing and power.

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Oil Cooler Kit – Alfa 75 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and Twinspark

From £130.00 (ex VAT)

Premium quality oil cooler kit to fit Alfa 75 fitted with Nord or Twinspark engines. Includes sandwich plate for spin-on type oil filter take-off, pre-cut oil pipe lines in either stainless steel braided or normal rubber hoses, oil cooler and fitting bolts. Options available- Standard or thermostatic take off plate Rubber or stainless braided hoses Coolers- 13 row 135mm 13 row 235mm 16 row 235mm

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Alfaholics 75 Fast Road Handling Kit

£315.00 (ex VAT)

Superb Alfaholics designed kit comprises large 29mm front antiroll bar and 2 stiffer rear springs set to standard ride height. The kit eliminates understeer, resulting in a beautifully neutral balanced car with significantly reduced body roll. Being such a simple kit, it is remarkably quick and easy to fit and of course very cost effective to buy! Kit supplied in high quality powder coat finish with front antiroll bar drop link bushes and poly 29mm mounting rubbers.

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75 Koni Sport Shock Absorbers

£89.95 each (ex VAT)

Perfect for use with our Fast Road Handling Kit.

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Poly Castor Bushes

£29.50 set (ex VAT)

Poly bushes significantly improve the control of the upright angle under heavy braking, improving stability.

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Poly Watts Linkage Bushes

£45.00 set (ex VAT)

Replaces standard rubber bushes for improved rear axle location.

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