Alfaholics 75 Fast Road Handling Kit - Alfaholics 75 Fast Road Handling Kit - Alfetta 75 - Alfaholics

Alfaholics 75 Fast Road Handling Kit

£275.00 - £335.00 GBP (ex vat)


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Superb Alfaholics designed kit comprises large 29mm front antiroll bar and 2 stiffer rear springs set to standard ride height. The kit eliminates understeer, resulting in a beautifully neutral balanced car with significantly reduced body roll. Being such a simple kit, it is remarkably quick and easy to fit and of course very cost effective to buy!

The kit has been tested extensively on the road and on track throughout Europe for over 80,000 miles in Jim's own 75 Twinspark.

Also fits Alfetta, Giulietta and GTV6 116 models! Kit supplied in high quality powder coat finish with front antiroll bar drop link bushes and poly 29mm mounting rubbers.