US Customer Ken Girard

“Dear Max and the Alfaholics staff:

I have all great things to say about my experience with Alfaholics! From initiating an order to the prompt delivery of well packaged product.

First, the design of your products was spot-on for what was needed in the construction and development of my GTV race car.

Secondly, the craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing of your products has been extraordinary. Every component fit precisely as designed, and each has performed as required on track, at speed.

And, third, the consultation and support regarding matching each of the components to the specific parameters within which this particular car was going to be prepared was exemplary. The guidance offered regarding baseline setup once the componentry was installed, and establishing expectations for the on-track performance was exceptional as well.

The race experience thus far has included a substantial improvement in the balance of the car, where understeer and oversteer are kept in check with both the improved roll center and the increased adjustability now built into the suspension.”

Ken Girard

Chicago, Illinois


US Customer Ken Girard
US Customer Ken Girard