US Customer Don Peterson

“Alfaholics wheels arrived today. WOW! Please allow me to repeat that. WOW! In addition to being beautiful, they are light, and immaculately executed. I like seeing evidence of both competency and commitment to the task. Meanwhile, I ordered these (and a few other things) from them I think last Thursday. Five days across the ocean with two very large boxes, delivered by the USPS to my shop door.

Everyone please stand and applaud.

I was really gobsmacked by the wheels. I was expecting a rough surface with casting imperfections, possibly heavy, but nevertheless an improvement over what I had. These wheels are perfect. I can grip a wheel in one hand and hold it straight out with little strain. Alfaholics publishes the weight on their website, which I forget at the moment, but I am hoping they are as strong as they claim. Tires won’t be here until Monday or so, which leaves me pacing up and down with impatience.”