Sebastian Bachem – Testimonial

Sebastian Bachem

Dear Alfaholics,

So, finally the Alfa is back on the road with the many bits and pieces from you.

The quick steering arms are a superb improvement while making no significant difference in the input effort required. Together with the adjustable gta top arms the turn in is much more positive and the grip at the front seems considerably improved.

At the back the Aluminium T-Bar (Race/Track day version) seems to have made the breakaway by far more predictable and easier to manage. At the same time, I do not feel any noticeable increase in noise or vibrations being transmitted back into the car.

The engine is rebuilt to deliver strong torque but with the ability to rev freely and we have modified the original intake filter box to allow a maximum of air into the carbs while retaining the original look and close to original sound – beautifully sonorous without being too harsh. The new radiator and oil cooler package looks beautiful and despite the high temperatures we are having, keeps the oil temperature at around 100 degrees even after longer motorway runs – something the old system would not have been capable of doing.

All in all, a perfect package for me, many thanks for the great parts, prompt supply and good advice.

I would really like to get it back onto a track to see how everything comes together “in extremis” maybe you will be organising a trackday sometime in the future? I will be dropping by the Nürburg Ring in the not too distant future (it’s only about 1,5 hours drive away) but given the length and complexity of that circuit, will certainly not be able to push it as hard as would be possible for me at Castle Combe.

All the best for the summer,

Yours, Sebastian

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