Hussain, Bahrain

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to send you a email to thank you for the great support you’ve given me throughout my project. I really wouldn’t of been able to complete the project without your sound advice. The unparalleled effort you guys put into your fantastic GTA-R parts made my car such a treat to drive on track.

Big thanks to the whole team out there for all the love you guys give to these fantastic little cars, and a special thanks to Jim as he practically built my car remotely through emails and lengthy phone calls. I have honestly never dealt with any company that matches the level of customer service and support that seems to be embedded in the Alfaholics backbone.

Moving on to the next project! Im finalizing a deal for a 68 Guilia that i want to build as a road going daily-ish driver again with lots of your go fast parts ;)

Thanks Again!

Hussain, Bahrain Hussain, Bahrain Hussain, Bahrain Hussain, Bahrain