French Customer Bruno Manfredini

As a long term Alfista, I nearly owned all the 105 chassis version possible. I know the Banks’ for more than 5 years now and I am a faithful customer for race and road parts.

My last road car was a 2000 GTV with Alfaholics road B kit, Alfaholics 4 pot brakes and some comfy mods. But I always find the car tiring on last distance tour (like the Centenary in Milano) majorly because of wind noise on door windows and a bit too long legged for that nearly stock engine.

As a pure afficionado of 4 doors Alfa’s ( I owned in the 90’s a 1750 Mk1 ), I decided to make MY berlina.

After months of researches, I found this time warp 71 1300 Super with 65000kms on the odometer at a well-known classic Alfa dealer. But it was a 1300. So we settled a deal or the car without engine drive train and wheels. I had in the garage a spare ex-racer torquey 2000 engine and 10/43 CP on the shelf. Many talks further with Max who was at that time working on Andrew’s TI super Replica, and the 1300 Super project, leads to a 2000-Super car.

I wanted an effortless car with comfort and efficient suspension. So I went for:

  • FIA kit 2”1/4 on slightly lowered suspension ( minus 3 cms )
  • Alloy rose jointed T-bar
  • Lightened trailing arms
  • Full Alfaholics geometry kit
  • Sport Koni all around
  • Alfaholics 4 pots calipers kit with rear aluminium calipers.
  • Screw rear brake limitor
  • Engine is that ex race one with long alloy car mount and 40 DCOE carbs for extra torque (power estimated to 150-160 bhp no more but flat bottom torque curve ) and 123tune ignition specially made.
  • Full Alfaholics SS exhaust line
  • Live axle is 1750 10/43 CP on 40/25 Alfaholics LSD
  • Alfaholics 7×15” GTA Veloce wheels with custom Alfaholics smoke paint finish

Early summer tests in Aveyron during my holidays, revealed a fantastic torquey car, with all the comfy side of the Berlina. What a difference with the GTV. As says my wife: far less sensual but so more usable. The full suspension prove the efficiency of a modern car on those little twisty roads (just ask that A6 Quattro owner).

I really don’t feel the extra weight compared with the GTV. In fact I must say that the slightly shorter final ratio + big improvements in wind noise and comfier seats largely put the Berlina as the best 105 Classic choice.

I was just a little disappointed with the front damping on bad bumpy roads. So having spoken to Max, the latest improvements are 2 front special Alfaholics race dampers with road valving. The dampers are beautiful, even on softest position. They have dramatically changed the car. At 140 Km/h you feel like a modern car. Incredible, what a balance. The speed in motorway long apex is terrific with absolutely no drama.

I have now also fitting an Alfaholics alloy radiator and low temperature thermostat for extra town cooling.

Next car will surely be a 1750 Berlina mark1 with same suspensions tricks and an Alfaholics TS and why not aircon as well!

French Customer Bruno Manfredini
French Customer Bruno Manfredini
French Customer Bruno Manfredini
French Customer Bruno Manfredini