Dutch Customer Jan Willem Lange

Hi Guys,

I am very satisfied the way the car is handling as result of your fast road suspension kit and the 2L engine picks up, revs and sound with your all stainless steel sport exhaust. I drive her almost every day

Together with 4 new red Koni’s, new silent blocs, steering joints etc. the car is really fun to drive. Many modern car can not keep up with my pace in in long and medium turns and even while cornering.

Furthermore I have given the Giulia a body restoration and now she looks as new, see the picture. Once  again thanks for the advice regarding the suspension (Combi of A and B with a set of spacers. Although there is a large LPG tank in the boot and driving with luggage or extra persons, she still is almost horizontal. I think she looks really awesome. Others think so too, as I get a lot of smiles.

Best regards,

Jan Willem

Dutch Customer Jan Willem Lange Dutch Customer Jan Willem Lange