Dutch Alfaholics customer Erwin Arentsen’s Alfaholics Upgraded GTA Replica

“Hi Max and Andrew,

I thought it might be interesting to read my experiences with my newly build GTA Replica. Honestly I think it is the most fun You can get out of a classic car. Yes I modified the car a lot with its 216 bhp big valve twin spark, geometrykit, big brakes, racingdiff, racingclutch, race propshaft, stainless under axle exhaust, alu t-bar etc. etc. but no way I could have spent my money better! It is just stunning, the big valve twinspark behaves so unbelievable nice and pulls trough all gears from 1500 rpm so easy it really is unbelievable. Handling is stunning, the difference the Geometry kit, alu t-bar and racing diff make is fantastic.

Best thing is especially in fast corners the front end grip is amazing and combined with being able to steer the car on the throttle with help from the diff makes so much fun! (see Youtube link alfa gta/r)

 One problem I have with this car now, it makes all other 105’s I drive slow and boring, so fantastic job guys! Thanks a lot for this amazing car!”

Dutch Alfaholics customer Erwin Arentsens Alfaholics Upgraded GTA Replica

Erwin, a keen trackday driver and mad Alfaholic, sent his GTA Replica across to Alfaholics for a full upgrade to top trackday specification, works completed included:-

Full custom colour repaint and 1967 Homologation rear arch fitment

216BHP Alfaholics Twinspark engine installation running on mapped ignition and 45mm Webers

Alfaholics race paddle clutch kit

Alfaholics solid propshaft conversion

Full Alfaholics stainless exhaust

Alfaholics 4-pot brake kit

Alfaholics racing diff

Alfaholics Geometry kit installation

Alfaholics 2 ¼” spring kit

Alfaholics aluminium uniball t-bar