GTA-R Air-Conditioning Package – Stepfront Flat Dash

£5,625.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Nord Air Conditioning Fitting Kit
  • Early GTA-R Aircon Cooling Package

Full kit of parts as used on our GTA-R builds including, air conditioning system for Twinspark engine installation (Nord brackets available at additional cost), fibreglass step front GT Junior type dash face moulding with integrated air conditioning vent holes, pair of large billet aluminium air vents with 3”-2” adaptor pipes and air hoses. The dash face replaces your original wood type dash face, you reuse your dash top, bottom edges and stainless finishers to complete the dash installation.

If you are planning to order our GTA-R cooling package as well, please click the box above to select the special air conditioning version of our GTA-R cooling package where we have pre-integrated the a/c condenser, additional fan and bottom hose modification required. This ensures the packages are compatible with each other.

Available to order in LHD or RHD.


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