GTA-R Air-Conditioning Package – 1750 Dash Cars

£5,625.00 GBP (ex vat)


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  • Nord Air Conditioning Fitting Kit
  • Early GTA-R Aircon Cooling Package
  • Late GTA-R Aircon Cooling Package

Full kit of parts as used on our GTA-R builds including, air conditioning system for Twinspark engine installation (Nord brackets available at additional cost), fibreglass 1750 dashboard (LHD or RHD) moulding, pair of billet aluminium air vents with 3″-2″ adaptor pipes and air hoses. The dashboard replaces any original dash of this style as fitted in 1969/70 step front GT, 1750 GTV and post 1970 GT Junior. Can also be used with 2000 GTV dash cars if you can source a set of 1750 type instruments to complete the conversion.

If you are planning to order our GTA-R cooling package as well, please click the box above to select the special air conditioning version of our GTA-R cooling package where we have pre-integrated the AC condenser, additional fan and bottom hose modification required. This ensures the packages are compatible with each other.


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